Matias Maccelli was planned to be a star striker for the MM lions – however, the man was heavily disappointed | Sport

Matias Maccelli was planned to be a star striker for

Matias Maccelli, 23, was desperate for his first men’s World Cup in Prague. However, the leg was not fit to play. Arizona’s power forward admits the disappointment is heavy.

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When the NHL’s regular season came to an end, about the Coyotes winger, who is playing his last season in Arizona Matias from Maccelli a star player was expected for the Finnish World Cup team in Prague.

TPS-educated, Maccelli, who broke through in Ilves, forged impressive performances in the NHL regular season, 17+40=57. In the regular season, he was the sixth most effective Finn and the third most effective Coyotes player, and World Cup selection would have been a sure thing.

Now, when the head coach Jukka Jalonen the last MM lions are starting to be molded into their final form, nothing has been said about Maccell anymore. Urheilu caught up with him on Monday from Arizona, from where the puck player will leave for his home Finland at the end of this week.

“I drive to the doctor”

– I’m just driving home from the doctor. During the last months of the regular season, I suffered from a lower limb injury (leg injury), which hindered my playing quite a lot. The World Cup was out of the question now, and Jere Lehtinen (The Lions GM) totally understood that.

Maccelli, who played three men’s A national matches at EHT level, admitted his heavy disappointment. Prague would have had a big game role available right away in the debut tournament, and at the same time, the tournament will start the competition for places in next year’s NHL national team tournament and the 2026 Olympic Games.

– It would have been great to get to Prague to play, and the situation takes a lot on your head, but what do you do?

Relieving news

At the orthopedist’s visit, Maccelli heard news from the doctor that was in itself relieving.

– The injury does not require surgery. This is why I’ve stayed here for so long after the games are over. The matter had to be resolved before I could travel to Finland.

For fall training camp, Maccelli will travel to new lands, as the Coyotes’ new hometown is 2002 Olympic host Salt Lake City, Utah. At least Maccelli changes scenery with excitement.

– We went there for a visit, and the city immediately gave the impression that the sports culture is at a high level. Already during the team’s introduction, the hall was full, Maccelli praises the basketball player Lauri Markkanen home corners.