Mathilde Androuët: who is this activist for “real ecology” and European elected official with the RN?

Mathilde Androuet who is this activist for real ecology and

The outgoing RN MEP, Mathilde Androuët, will return for a second term in the European Parliament.

The MEP, fourth in the RN list, will keep her seat in the European Parliament in view of the first results published on Sunday which give the RN in the lead with around 33% of the votes. Mathild Androuet was one of the elected Lepénistes reappointed to Jordan Bardella’s list. Mathilde Androuët could therefore boast of being considered a good element by the boss of the National Rally after her first five years in the European Parliament. She’s the climate lady of the party. A role she played in Strasbourg as a member of the Environment Commission.

A defender of “real ecology” at the RN

Mathilde Androuët proclaimed herself a defender of “true ecology” during an interview with Ouest-France last March and campaigns for “a true ecology, which is built every day around you”. The far-right MEP assures that her fight for the environment is the opposite of a “punitive ecology” which undermines fundamental freedoms. She defends localism and farmers, whom she judges to be the first victims of European decisions.

During her studies and in the first hours of her commitment to ecology, Mathilde Androuët rubbed shoulders with Marie Toussaint, who happened to be her opponent for these European elections. The two women have also both frequented the Strasbourg hemicycle over the past five years, but they no longer share any camaraderie.