mass escape in Cabaret women’s prison

mass escape in Cabaret womens prison

In Haiti, the national police is currently unable to provide the number of detainees who escaped this Thursday, September 22 from the country’s only women’s prison. The security forces were even prevented from accessing the Cabaret prison center, north of Port-au-Prince.

The situation is very tense at the Cabaret civil prison “Confirmed Thursday the director of the Haitian prison administration. The institution says it lost all contact with the establishment in the afternoon where around 230 women were detained. According to several sources quoted by the Haitian press, almost all of them would have escaped.

The circumstances that led to this leak are still unknown. Officers from a nearby police station were dispatched to the scene. But they came under fire from armed gangs, posted on the national road number 1 which leads to the prison. Their police station was attacked and set on fire. Police officers sent as reinforcements suffered the same fate. Several of them were hit by bullets.

In the evening, the national police failed to regain control of the detention center. Human rights organizations are not surprised by this escape. For months, detainees have been dying in Haitian prisons for lack of food, water and care. Riots of the last days, which have also prevented the supply of penitentiary centershave further aggravated this situation.