Masi Agricola will appoint a panel of lawyers for any actions against Renzo Rosso

Cavit closes the 2022 2023 financial year with a turnover of

(Finance) – The Board of Directors of Masi Agricolaa company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and among the Italian leaders in the production of premium wines, has called the extraordinary shareholders’ meetingin single call for the day March 4, 2024, to decide on: integration of the corporate purpose with activities having the aim of common benefit; adoption of benefit company status; transition to the one-tier system of administration and control; adoption of an innovative mechanism for electing the board of directors; changes aimed at optimizing and rationalizing the company’s operating rules.

Regarding the appointment of the Board of Directors, Masi Agricola intends replace the existing voting mechanism with a new mechanism for electing directors which surpasses the current model based on list voting. More specifically, the proposal is to adopt a voting system based not on the presentation of blocked lists, but on the presentation – by shareholders who, alone or together with other shareholders, are overall holders of shares representing at least 7.5 % or of the outgoing board of directors – of candidate proposals, on each of which – i.e. on every single candidate proposed – the assembly proceeds to express its vote.

The Board of Directors also resolved to appoint a panel of experts in civil law and commercial law For evaluate possible actions against Renzo Rosso and the companies attributable to him Red Circle and Brave Wine Società Agricola, as well as further subjects to be identified, who have started a denigration campaign (also through legal claims and unfounded declarations) aimed solely at the pursuit of a structured paradigm aimed at destabilizing extra-social objectives , with serious damage also to the image, prestige and reputation of Masi Agricola.

(Photo: Hermes Rivera on Unsplash)