Marvel is having problems with one of its supervillains – now a replacement is being considered

Marvel villain Kang is played by actor Jonathan Majors. But serious allegations of domestic violence are currently being made against him. Apparently Marvel is now thinking about a replacement.

Jonathan Majors embodies the main villain Kang The Conqueror, who currently plays an important role in the MCU and should actually become the main antagonist of the next phase in the MCU, similar to Thanos in the Avengers.

But now Marvel is considering scrapping the plans and another villain could soon take center stage.

Here is a trailer for the second season of the Marvel series Loki, in which Kang also appears:

English trailer for the 2nd season of the Marvel series Loki

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Doctor Doom as a Kang replacement?

What’s the problem with Kang? Actor Jonathan Majors was arrested on allegations of domestic violence at the end of March this year.

His ex-girlfriend and other alleged victims spoke out against Majors. A trial is scheduled for November. Regardless of whether he wins or loses – the actor is currently not doing too well in public.

According to Variety, in September 2023, Marvel’s management team was already thinking about how they wanted to proceed with the character Kang: A possible replacement villain is already in the room.

According to Variety’s source, Doctor Doom is being considered as a possible replacement for Kang to make life difficult for the heroes as the new main antagonist.

Marvel fans have primarily known Doctor Doom as the antagonist of the Fantastic Four. The character made his film debut in 2005, played by Julian McMahon.

Variety’s report revealed even more: Marvel is also reportedly planning an Avengers film with the original cast. You can find out more about this here from our colleagues at Filmstarts.

In addition to replacing Doctor Doom, there is another option: recasting Kang. Instead of Majors, another actor could step into the supervillain’s shoes and take on the role, similar to what was done with Rhodey in Iron Man. Don Cheadle was used here instead of Terrence Howard.

It remains to be seen whether and what measures Marvel will take and how they will plausibly incorporate the replacement into the narrative.

Robert Downey Jr. has become an integral part of the MCU as Iron Man, but he was originally intended to play Doctor Doom:

Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t always planned to be Iron Man