Marvel announces the cast for the new Fantastic Four movie

Marvel announces the cast for the new Fantastic Four movie

Marvel, a new movie that has been wondered for a long time Fantastic Four Finally cast for (The Fantastic Four) movie explained.

Making a Valentine’s Day surprise, Marvel introduces the new Fantastic Four (The Fantastic Four) for Mister Fantastic Pedro Pascal, for Invisible Woman Vanessa Kirby, for The Thing Ebon Moss-Bachrach and for Human Torch Joseph Quinn explained as. According to the statement, the new movie, which attracted the attention of Pedro Pascal, who has been involved in a lot of magical content lately. July 25, 2025It will be in theaters in . Deadpool & Wolverine, the first trailer of which has been released by Marvel these days The movie is also on the agenda. You know wolverine When it comes to everyone’s mind Hugh Jackman is coming. Demir Adam with like Robert Downey Jr. wolverine with Hugh Jackman It has also become highly identified with many years of association. Even now no one wolverine He can’t think of anyone other than Jackman as his character, and he can’t fit anyone into the role. Hugh Jackman He will not continue his role as Wolverine, but he will appear once again, one last time, as a real “Wolverine”. You can watch the first trailer below. Deadpool & Wolverine (Deadpool 3) in the movie Ryan Reynolds will meet with Hugh Jackman, It is not fully visible in the first trailer, but a very enjoyable content is definitely waiting for us.


The new movie, which will be available to watch on July 26, is 99 percent likely to be the highest-grossing production of Marvel Studios in 2024, which has fallen seriously behind and received criticism lately. The first trailer reveals that the Time Variance Authority, last seen in “Loki” Season 2, kidnapped Deadpool while he was celebrating his birthday and brought him to the MCU. As clearly shown in the trailer, the film, which will host high action, describes itself as “marvel jesuscalled ” Deadpool It is the third Marvel movie based on.