Married at First Sight Couple Expects Child: “Ouch”

Married at First Sight Couple Expects Child Ouch

Sofia Lindhe and Anton Pehrson found each other in SVT’s hit show “Married at First Sight” in 2020. It didn’t take long before the couple, who have a penchant for tacos, became the taco couple of the entire Swedish people.

Since they got married in the middle of the covid pandemic, it was a small wedding with loved ones. But in 2023 they hit it off with a fallow party and remarried. Friends, family and old participants from the program were present.

And not least the latest addition to the family – the daughter Life who was born in 2022.

It has happened since the program

A lot has happened for the taco couple since their participation in “married at first sight”. At first they planned to live in Sofia Lindhe’s small apartment in Stockholm, but it was quickly exchanged for a van. In it they traveled around almost the entire country.

But in 2022, they managed to get their hands on Sofia Lindhe’s grandparents’ house in Åre. The house was built by her grandmother and grandfather in the early 80s and is now back in the family.


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The Taco couple is expecting a child again

Now the family will expand again, the couple says in a post on Instagram.

“Oh, how we long for you!”, they write in the post.


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