Marlène Schiappa pictured in Playboy: the front page unveiled

Marlene Schiappa pictured in Playboy the front page unveiled

The front page of Playboy with the photo of Marlène Schiappa on the cover has been unveiled. The issue will appear on Saturday April 8, 2023.

[Mis à jour le 31 mars 2023 à 19h31] Looking away, a white dress and big earrings… Part of the photo of Marlène Schiappa on the cover of the magazine Playboy was unveiled by Paris Match, this Friday, March 31, 2023. We see the Secretary of State alone on the cover, with the title of the magazine in the colors of the French flag. Number 12 of the new version of this charming magazine born in the 1970s will be released on Saturday April 8, 2023. A large part will therefore be devoted to the forties who gave an interview and took a series of shots in a “sexy pose and wrapped in a French flag” according to The Parisian. In total, a 12-page file will be dedicated to the Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Marlène Schiappa will thus be the first female politician to make the cover of Playboy. If the choice of the magazine may surprise, it is totally assumed by those close to her, who are delighted that the forty-year-old “speaks[e] to everyone and has disruptive communication.” The interview granted by the Secretary of State will focus “essentially on women’s freedom, but also feminism, politics and literature.” Violence against women, intra-family, solidarity economy, ecology or global warming will be on the menu of the dozen pages devoted to the interview.

Magazine which was born in the United States, Playboy landed in France in 1973. At the time, French actresses, such as Jane Birkin or Romy Schneider, posed in one of the title. Sales continued in the 1980s, before falling during the 1990s and the French edition approached what appeared across the Atlantic. The magazine struggled and ceased publication in January 2011. Five years later, a new edition went on sale. Since December 2016, Playboy is now quarterly, with a new line, “without frontal nudity” had indicated David Swaelens-Kane to the Point. The last issue was published in January 2023.

The future appearance of Marlène Schiappa in Playboy is surprising. But this is not the first time that the Secretary of State has been talked about for her choices. A member of the Philippe and Castex governments, the former deputy mayor of Le Mans was omnipresent in the media and often found herself on the set of several C8 programs hosted by Cyril Hanouna. This did not fail to give rise to strong criticism at the time. Discreet since her return to government, Marlène Schiappa is also frequently criticized for having published no less than 30 books, including 14 during her duties as mayor of Le Mans and 12 since she has held a ministerial position.

This magazine cover comes just days after revelations from France Télévisions and Marianne about a fund against radicalization, launched in 2021, the results of which are called into question. This fund was created following the assassination of Samuel Paty by a radical Islamist. Marlène Schiappa, then Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, had launched this fund, called Marianne, to finance associations so that they lead a republican fight on the Internet. But, according to a survey of France info, some associations received a large sum for disappointing results. One of them, the Union of Societies for Physical Education and Preparation for Military Service (USEPPM) thus received 355,000 euros (out of the 2.5 million euros in the fund) and finally produced a ten videos that have not exceeded 50 views.