Markus Persson’s huge fortune – created the game Minecraft

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The game Minecraft was released in its entirety in 2011 and has since won countless awards. Behind the game is the Swedish game developer Mojang Studios, which was founded by the now 43-year-old Marcus Persson.

– I had performance anxiety before, but not anymore. I will never be able to do anything as well. I’m good at certain parts of game design, and around Minecraft there was like a perfect storm blowing, he has previously told the magazine King.

Three years after Minecraft saw the light of day, in November 2014, Persson sold the game company to Microsoft – for a staggering $2.5 billion.

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Markus Persson’s staggering million income

In other words, money is not a problem for Markus Persson – something that also becomes clear when taking a closer look at the 43-year-old’s income.

Persson had namely, according to documents from Tax Agency as News24 took note of, a determined earned income of SEK 6,041,781 in 2019, which is the latest information available.

But it doesn’t end there. In the same year, the Minecraft creator had a surplus of capital that landed at a staggering 744,990,721 kroner.

Markus Persson’s assets in Notch Enterprises AB

In the company Notch Enterprises AB, where Markus Persson sits as CEO, there were assets that were estimated to amount to SEK 13.3 billion in 2021. This year, according to the company’s annual report, Persson collected a dividend of SEK 500,000,000.

Markus Persson’s fortune – good for billions

The fact is that Markus Persson, according to Forbes, is good for $1.3 billion. This means a fortune of just over 14.2 billion Swedish kronor.

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