Marit Björgen’s strong words about Charlotte Kalla after the secret was revealed: “Sad – I’m shocked”

Charlotte Kalla reveals her real feelings during her career in her new book.
That causes Marit Björgen to react strongly.
– I am shocked, she says.

She is one of Sweden’s most successful athletes of all time, but during her long career, Charlotte Kalla often doubted herself. She reveals this in her new book “Shame on those who give”, which begins with Charlotte Kalla talking about what she calls the “voice of shame”, which haunts her psyche.

Reveals dark thoughts

Charlotte Kalla says that the voice of shame used to try to tell her that she was a fraud, worthless, overrated and “naive who thought she meant something to Swedish cross-country skiing. That she was just lucky to win all the medals.

– Deep down, I know that it is only stupid, mean thoughts that come to me because I doubt, she tells NRK about the dark thoughts.

180317 Charlotte Kalla, Sweden depresses after the competition in Mass Start 10 km during the Swedish Ski Games on March 17, 2018 in Falun. Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån

During her career, Charlotte Kalla won three World Cup golds, three Olympic golds and a staggering 22 international championship medals. That’s five more than Gunde Svan, and thus the most of any Swedish cross-country skier ever. Despite that, Charlotte was ashamed, which is also scary to talk about, she says.

– I have never talked openly about this, and there are very few people around me with whom I have been honest about what has sometimes been going on in my head, she says.

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Björgen: “I’m shocked”

Charlotte Kalla’s admission of her own dark thoughts has created strong reactions in Sweden – but also in Norway. Marit Björgen, Kalla’s rival for many years, is surprised.

– I actually have an image of her being very confident with herself and enjoying sports. I had a feeling about it, so I have to say I’m shocked, and I think it’s very sad. That’s it, says Björgen to NRK.

180210 Silver medalist Marit Bjørgen of Norway, gold medalist Charlotte Kalla of Sweden and bronze medalist Krista Pärmäkoski of Finland at the medal ceremony for the Women’s Skiathlon during the 2018 Winter Olympics on February 10, 2018 in Pyeongchang. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / BILDBYRÅN

Charlotte Kalla tells us that she struggled with her performance anxiety during her career.

– I could never think of saying such things about others, but nevertheless I have been able to talk like that to myself, and a lot is because of the results, that they were not sufficient, says Kalla.

So brave to tell, Charlotte. You are a hero!

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