Mariette and his wife reported to Social Services – two weeks after the daughter’s birth

The artist Mariette Hanson, 40, and the wife Isabella had her third child two weeks ago. Now the couple has received a report to social services because of an Instagram video they posted.

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The couple’s Instagram video reported to social services

Mariette and Isabelle received a letter with the report and it stated that a person had anonymously called the social services and reported an Instagram video, where “Mariette drinks alcohol while rocking the pram with her newborn baby”.

The social service also writes in the report that they will now have to follow up on this report because it concerns concerns about a child’s situation.

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Mariette defends the video in a new post

Now Mariette has made a post on her Instagram account where she explains the content of the video and expresses how upset she is about the report, because she believes that they give their children a safe existence.

“She managed to stay with us for 2 weeks before social security notifications started pouring into the mailbox.
1. That’s my wife Isabelle in the video
2. The video was taken 4 months ago
3. Maybe you should find a hobby other than finding fault with us that actually gives our children a safe and loving existence,” writes Mariette under her post.