Marcus Wandt hails from space – quoting the Beatles

Yesterday, Marcus Wandt began his journey home from the International Space Station.
Today he shared photos of his home planet from the journey and quoted The Beatles.
“Something in the things she shows me,” Wandt wrote on X.

After 17 days, the Swedish astronaut began his journey home. The two-day journey home was postponed due to bad weather.

On his journey home, Marcus Wandt took the opportunity to share pictures of the earth from above. During yesterday he greeted his homeland and shared pictures of southern Sweden on X, today he quoted The Beatles.

“Something in the things she shows me,” Wandt wrote.

In the thread, the European Space Agency responded.

“I didn’t want to leave her now”

The lyrics come from the song The Beatles song “Something” which was released in 1969.

Expected to land tomorrow

In addition to the fact that the journey home was postponed, it was also slightly delayed. The departure was supposed to take place at 15.05 but was delayed by around 10 minutes.

The journey home takes almost two days and the crew is expected to land in the sea off Florida on Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. There the crew will be picked up by boat.

During his trip to the international space station ISS, Wandt has carried out research experiments. Among other things, about how people’s health is affected by being shown in cramped spaces and about weightlessness.