Many people are gloomy about the future, but it doesn’t depend on where you live

Many people are gloomy about the future but it doesnt

Looking for the gap

The Netherlands seems more divided than ever. On television, it is often about a gulf between the Randstad and the rest of the Netherlands, while on social media the most extreme views are the most important. The world seems black and white while that polarization does not seem to be scientifically substantiated. That does not alter the fact that more than 60 percent of the Dutch have concerns about the future of the Netherlands. And although the differences between the Dutch are greater than the differences between regions such as the city and the countryside, there are indeed differences between large urban municipalities such as Utrecht and places such as Woerden and Renswoude.

In a series of stories under the title ‘In search of the gap’, RTV Utrecht will investigate whether there is a gap between different Utrecht residents, where it is and what it takes to close that gap.