“Many have contacted”

Jonna Adlerteg has been a great success in this year’s Master of Masters.
Now she opens up about the injustice that led her to leave the program.
– After the last episode, I have received many messages from people who think it is unfair that I went out, she says to Svensk gymnastics.

This year’s season of the acclaimed SVT program “Master of Masters” is over. During the competition’s program, most of it has been about the incredible Nils van der Poel and he was also the deserved winner in Sunday’s final.

Jonna’s success

But alongside his brilliance, the gymnast has Jonna Adlerteg really left a big mark on the program and became a real viewer favourite. The 27-year-old has exceeded most people’s expectations and with her warm personality and admirable winning skull, Jonna has charmed many at home on the TV sofas.

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210725 Jonna Adlerteg of Sweden competes in women’s artistic gymnastics uneven bars qualification during day 2 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on July 25, 2021 in Tokyo. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN / code JL / JL0139

Jonna really took the fight to the male athletes and outshined the other participants several times during the course of the program. Jonna just defeated van der Poel in the hunter rest with hardly any effort, she also broke the all-time record for grip power and she excelled again against van der Poel in a tough endurance course.

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Adlerteg’s words

But despite several performances, Adlerteg fell at the finish line and missed the last final program after going out to Johan Wissman in the very last duel of the night. But she is not at all bitter about it when she summarizes her contribution to SVT.
– It’s been great fun! Much more fun than I expected. It wasn’t nearly as physically hard as I thought it would be, but more mentally. Then I’m surprised that it went as well as it did and that I still had the competitive instinct, it wasn’t difficult at all to pick it up, says Jonna in an interview with Svensk Gymnastik.

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Jonna Adlerteg became a big viewer favorite in Mästarnas mäster. PHOTO: SVT

Above all, it was Nils van der Poel who had to be beaten and Adlerteg is so proud that she did it several times over in different stages of the competition.
– Yes, it felt like it would be impossible to beat him in anything, but it was great fun that I actually did it. Both the idiot and the hunter’s rest, I’m very happy that I beat him, she says and admits what she will remember most from the recording.
– Yes, but I take the hunter’s break with me of course, I remember it a lot even though it’s been a while since we recorded now. But even the team competition for me, Jens and Anders had completely counted ourselves out in advance, so it was a shock when we won it.

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Injustice in SVT

When Jonna Adlerteg went out, there was a big viewer fury because it was such an unfair competition that only favored the men, which also became clear when only male athletes reached the final program. Many felt sorry for Adlerteg, seeing her as the given challenger to van der Poel and that she really deserved a place in the final.

Now Jonna talks about how much support she received and how many people contacted her after she had to leave the Master of Masters.
– It has just exploded more and more with each episode. I have received so many messages from people who said they cheered me on and thought I was good, then it also became a bit me against the boys, which people thought was fun. After the last episode, I’ve also gotten a lot of messages from people who think it’s unfair that I left and that they’re not going to watch the final episode. Many people think that the ball competition was unfair, but that’s the way it is, in some competitions you benefit from a light body and in others you don’t. It evens out in the end, she says and wants to say a big thank you to all the viewers.
– I really want to thank everyone who watched and cheered! It seems that many people enjoyed the program and opened their eyes to gymnastics, which is great fun. I felt the pressure from all over Gympa-Sweden when I went into this, so I hope I managed to perform and make everyone happy.

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