Manufacturer dares the unbelievable: Razer brings official pro controller for PS5 in Xbox style

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Peripheral manufacturer Razer is known for its high-quality keyboards, gaming mice and controllers. The manufacturer’s latest coup is a pro controller for the PlayStation 5 – but the design of the new PS5 controller looks strangely familiar.

There are some unwritten rules in the gaming console market:

  • PlayStation is blue, Xbox is green
  • Xbox lags behind PlayStation in terms of market trends
  • Sticks on PS controllers are parallel, not on the Xbox
  • But the last few years have shown that you can actually only rely on the colors. The other examples no longer count:

  • Xbox has set the direction with its Game Pass, PlayStation followed suit with its own subscription model. So when it came to market trends, Xbox was suddenly the leader.
  • Now the controller laws, which have been relied on for decades, are also faltering.
  • While there are already countless PS controllers in the Xbox layout, this is something new in the price range in which the new Razer Wolverine V2 Pro falls. Almost the end of an era. Because up until now, no one has dared to add an Xbox layout to a PS5 controller for a good €300.

    High-end controller with many extras for the PS5

    What kind of controller is that? The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is a high-end controller with all sorts of extras:

  • Can be used with or without a cable
  • An app to control the functions
  • Mecha Tactile Action Buttons
  • 8-way microswitch control pad
  • 6 freely assignable multifunction keys
  • 4 buttons on the back
  • Use on PC without problems
  • Official PlayStation buttons
  • In addition, there is probably the biggest unique selling point of the controller in this price range: the crazy Xbox design:

    All PS5 controllers are based on the DualSense – this one is not

    Whether it’s a SCUF, Aim controller or King – if you’re looking for a high-priced pro controller for the PS5, you’ll usually get the well-known design of the DualSense controller with a few nice extras. Especially with the new DualSense Edge.

    But Razer goes a different way and uses the in-house design of the Razer Wolverine V2. According to our author Benedikt Schlotmann, the design is particularly suitable for large hands.

    With this incredible move by Razer, one of the last strongholds for PlayStation nostalgics falls victim to progress – the $300 controller.

    Pro controllers are an expensive hardware niche and what a lover it is. What is the maximum amount you spend on a controller? Pro level, normal price or are you a bargain hunter and get the cheap ones for 20 euros? Leave a comment on the topic.

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