Manual transmission becomes history with 2025 Golf GTI and Golf R

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According to the statement made by Volkswagen Türkiye, high performance oriented 2025 Golf GTI And GolfR with manual transmission date is happening.

Volkswagen as officially confirmed by Golf GTI And GolfR Models cannot be purchased with manual transmission, they will only be offered with DSG automatic transmission. This situation seems bad for the audience that sporty vehicles appeal to, but it is not only Volkswagen that is killing the manual transmission, the entire industry has been following this path in recent years. Although the automatic transmission offers higher performance, it does not bring as much driving pleasure as the manual transmission, so the step taken seems sad. recently new Volkswagen Golf And Golf GTI after new Volkswagen Golf R It made a noise. The new one that will be the most powerful of the new Golf family Volkswagen Golf R, According to new information, it will be officially unveiled in the summer. The vehicle, for which no technical details have been given yet, is no surprise, as you can see in the camouflaged photos above that are officially shared. It continues the classic Golf design. Of course, the model, which is generally sportier than the normal Golf, unfortunately will only come with automatic transmission, that is, DSG, and will transfer power to all four wheels. So what were the key details for the new Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI? As a reminder, on the engine side, the entry-level Golf model comes with a 1.5 TSI gasoline engine, and 113 or 148 horsepower units are offered here. These models can be purchased with a six-speed manual, while the 1.5 eTSI mild-hybrid versions combine the same power values ​​with a seven-speed DSG.


At the same time, the gasoline 2.0 TSI engine, which offers 201 horsepower and can be purchased with a seven-speed DSG, is also on the list. Customizing the 2.0 TDI diesel engine to deliver 113 horsepower with a six-speed manual and 148 horsepower with a seven-speed DSG. Volkswagen, They also explain that they will offer an eHybrid version that has a 100 km electric range and transmits 201 horsepower to the road via a six-speed DSG.

Plug-in hybrid based on 1.5 TSI Golf GTE The version transfers a total of 268 horsepower to the road via a six-speed DSG. The most sporty model of the family, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI It first stands out with its Alfa Romeo style rims and It only comes with seven-speed DSG.

The company, which upset some people by killing the manual transmission in the GTI for those who want high driving performance and pleasure without attracting excessive attention, powers this model with a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine and offers 262 horsepower. Then a ““Clubsport” The Golf version will also come, then it will carry the power up to 296 horsepower.