Manon is getting dangerously close to the Nebouts, spoilers

Manon is getting dangerously close to the Nebouts spoilers

MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFE SPOILERS. In episode 4454 of Plus belle la vie on Thursday, January 13, 2022 on France 3, Manon discredits Kalya and goes for an interview with the Nebouts. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Mis à jour le 12 janvier 2022 à 20h30] In episode 4454 of Plus belle la vie on January 13, 2022, Babeth and Patrick look forward to meeting the housekeeper Claire says she found them. At the Mistral, Kalya prepares for the interview but Manon, who exchanged the Nebouts’ son at birth, pushes her on purpose, stains her blouse before unwittingly sprinkling her coat with alcohol and hiding the mignonnette with vodka. in his purse. Not having noticed anything, Kalya presents herself to Babeth and Patrick who welcome her. But when Patrick notices the smell of alcohol on his clothes, he uncovers the vial and ends the interview, then explaining to Babeth his brutal decision. For her part, Kalya debriefs with Claire on the phone. The latter promises to try to get him a second chance. At the Mistral, Claire tries to convince the couple and Babeth cracks. But Patrick receives a call for a new candidacy. It is Manon, hidden in a corner of the square.

Also in the episode of Plus belle la vie on Thursday, January 13, 2022, Bastien tries to scare Philippe, while Boher and Ariane, in hiding, hesitate to intervene. Talbot promises that it is a coincidence that he is in Marseille and says he is innocent concerning the disappearance of his ex Elodie. A little later, Luna and Bastien sit down at a counter. Luna speaks to him frankly about her violence which frightens her. In the hotel, the children think about the decoration and the name of the hotel, which does not please Luna, who prefers to go to bed. In the middle of the night, she wakes up to search Bastien’s pockets and take pictures of entire pages of her notebook. Bastien opens his eyes, surprises her and pretends to go back to sleep.

Finally, in the PBLV episode of January 13, Kilian and Lola ask permission to go to a rapper’s concert. Problem: At the same time, Kilian is supposed to be on a date with his homeroom teacher. Thomas is against the concert but François is for. The two brothers get angry. Thomas criticizes François for wanting to take on the role of cool big brother when he is not. Roland tries to give them advice, without success. Encouraged by Jules and Betty, who wants to make the Mistral the HQ of the band, Kilian and Lola ask to negotiate the end of their strike. They ask François to be able to choose their working hours, to be paid and to have a contract. François offers an internship agreement and 300 euros per month for 20 hours per week. The two teenagers accept, also negotiating a “Betty Hour”: a drink purchased, a beer offered. During this time, Thomas is looping on his brother, abandoning Gabriel who leaves in the evening with young interns.

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Plus belle la vie is a French series broadcast from Monday to Friday on France 3 since 2004. Each new episode is to be discovered from 8:20 pm. This is the French soap opera with the longest longevity, facing Tomorrow belongs to us, Un si grand soleil or Here everything begins. In this series, viewers follow the daily life of the inhabitants of Marseille, who find themselves in the fictitious Mistral district. Personal and societal intrigues mingle with regularly changing police intrigues.

Fans of Plus belle la vie often want to know the rest at the end of each episode. It’s hard not to succumb to the temptation to find out more. Fortunately, it is possible to see the episodes in advance, that is to say before their broadcast on France 3, and therefore to find spoilers. You have several options: first, go to France TV website, which broadcasts each morning the episode broadcast the same evening on France 3. The Salto streaming platform then offers the evening episode but also that of the next day in advance, for a minimum subscription of € 6.99 / month. Finally, the MyCanal site offers to rent the episodes for 0.99 €, or to buy them for 1.49 €.

The producers of Plus belle la vie regularly publish “indiscretions”, ie short spoiler videos of the next episodes. An effective way to make France 3 viewers want to discover the rest of their favorite soap opera a few days in advance and to tease the evolutions of the current plot. These videos are uploaded daily to the official page of Plus belle la vie, indiscretion section, on What feed the theories of viewers.

To follow the broadcast of Plus belle la vie live, it’s very simple: just go from Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m. on France 3 at 8:20 p.m. It should also be noted that the site offers to watch the series live on a smartphone, tablet or computer at the same time. If you missed an episode of Plus belle la vie, it is possible to find it in replay and streaming. Just connect to the official site de plus belle la vie or on that of France Television. Note, however, that the episodes are available for 6 days on the site after their broadcast. Finally, the streaming platform Salto also offers to find the episodes of the soap opera in its subscription.

Since 2004, the cast list of Plus belle la vie has changed a lot. Some continue to travel the Mistral, when new ones have appeared. Below, we offer a non-exhaustive list of the main actors and actresses still on screen in Plus belle la vie:

  • David Ban: Valentin Carrier
  • Kjel Bennett: Bilal
  • Marwan Berreni: Abdel Fedala
  • Jérôme Bertin: Patrick Nebout
  • Théo Bertrand: Kevin Belesta
  • Laurie Bordesoules: Emilie
  • Caroline Bourg: Elsa
  • Pauline Bression: Emma Rimez
  • Jean-Charles Chagachbanian: Franck Ruiz
  • Sam Chemoul: Tom Belesta
  • Elisabeth Commelin: Yolande
  • Michel Cordes: Roland Marci
  • Marine Danaux: Sophie Corcel
  • Anne Décis: Luna Torres
  • Serge Dupire: Vincent Chaumette
  • Simon Ehrlacher: Romain Vidal
  • Alexandre Fabre: Charles Frémont
  • Sylvie Flepp: Mirta Torres
  • Léa François: Barbara Évenot
  • Emanuele Giorgi: Francesco Ibaldi
  • Annie Gregorio: Claire
  • Rachid Hafassa: Karim Fedala
  • Rebecca Hampton: Céline Frémont
  • Marie Hennerez: Lea Nebout
  • Stéphane Henon: Jean-Paul Boher
  • Cecilia Hornus: Blanche Marci
  • Boubacar Kabo: Mouss Bonghor
  • Laurent Kerusoré: Thomas Marci
  • Léa Kerel: Thérèse Marci
  • Joakim Latsko: Gabriel Riva
  • Prudence Leroy: Fanny
  • Florian Lesieur: Noé Ruiz
  • Marie Mallia: Lola Corcel
  • Avy Marciano: Sacha Malkavian
  • Lola Marois: Ariane Hersant
  • Pierre Martot: Léo Castelli
  • Regis Maynard: Eric Norman
  • Lara Menini: Eugénie Grangé
  • Stéphanie Pareja: Jeanne Carmin
  • Flavie Péan: Victoire Lissajoux
  • Ella Philippe: Nisma
  • Gregory Questel: Xavier Revel
  • Thierry Ragueneau: François Marci
  • Marie Reache: Babeth Nebout
  • Tim Rousseau: Kylian Corcel
  • Caroline Riou: Laetitia Belesta
  • Eleonora Sarrazin: Sabrina
  • Charles Schneider: Claude Rochat
  • Bryan Tresor: Baptiste Marci
  • Thibaud Vaneck: Nathan Leserman
  • Elodie Varlet: Estelle Cantorel

The plot of Plus belle la vie is difficult to summarize, as the series has changed since its creation in 2004. Every evening, it is possible to follow the daily life of the inhabitants of a fictitious district of Marseille, the Mistral. Several intrigues are intertwined there: a policewoman, who can stage various investigations, such as the hunt for a serial killer, assaults, the fight against the Mafia or terrorism, more personal intrigues (romantic, family … ) and societal. Plus belle la vie has the particularity of being completely anchored in the news and does not fail to refer to real events, such as the death of a personality, attacks or elections.