Maneuver, UpB: families and employees main beneficiaries

CdM approves energy decree 13 billion for families

(Finance) – Families and employees are the main beneficiaries of the measures envisaged by the maneuver in the three-year period 2024-2026. This is what emerges from a Focus published by the Parliamentary Budget Office (UpB) which provides a picture of the financial and economic impacts of the measures of the latest Budget Law and the legislative decrees implementing the tax reform.

In 2024 – notes the UpB – families benefit most from the measure, especially those with employed workers among the members, with net benefits totaling 16.4 billion, of which 3.4 for public employees alone. Even in 2025 and 2026 the main beneficiaries of the maneuver are families (for approximately 6.4 billion and 6.9 billion respectivelyi), in particular public employees.

In the two-year period 2024-25, albeit to a more limited extent, Net resources are also allocated to interventions and general purposes (net benefit of 4 billion). The net impact on businesses and self-employment is instead restrictive, contributing to the improvement of the balance in all years of the three-year period 2024-26 compared to the scenario with current legislation.

In 2024, compared to the trend scenario, following the maneuver they will reduce significantlyo the revenues that weigh on work and to a more limited extent those on consumption; those on capital instead increase. In the two-year period 2025-26, revenues relating to all economic bases will increase to an extent more marked on capital.