Man talks to woman in MMO every day for 4 years – When she doesn’t answer for 2 days, he calls the police

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A 51-year-old man from Israel played the MMO Evony for 4 years with a woman from Scotland. They talked to each other every day. But when the 36-year-old didn’t report for two days after the New Year, he alerted the police and a person who was walking the online friend’s dog: the 36-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment. Now the police are investigating.

Why was the man worried? Eyal Elhadad, 51, from Israel says he spoke to his girlfriend Lauren every day for 4 years in the MMO Evony. She played under the name “Val”.

On New Year’s Day he wished her a happy new year.

She wrote back: “It’s going to be a happy new year for both of us. And no matter what happens, we have each other.”

But after this message there was radio silence. Val stopped writing or logging into the game.

The last conversation with Lauren Walker (source: Dailyrecord)

The Israeli says:

That was very unlike Lauren. We exchanged messages on New Year’s Day and then there was no further communication. After being unable to get hold of them for 2 days I had no choice but to call the police in Scotland and their dog walker. I asked to check on her because we were all so worried. I wanted to know if she’s okay.

36-year-old mother is found dead in her home – police are investigating

Is she okay? no The person who walks her dogs found the mother of two sons dead at her home in Renfrew on January 3. According to the Scottish police, her death is currently “unexplained”. The police announced that they would investigate.

How do family and friends react? Her mother says she is devastated by what happened. Lauren’s health had deteriorated in recent weeks. The mother believes her daughter was suffering from the effects of Long Covid. But the mother does not know the exact details of her death either.

The 36-year-old’s uncle now takes care of the twin sons. He says it’s all very hard to process. He couldn’t believe it. They have a long road ahead of them now.

The two children would have meant everything to Lauren. The focus of the family is now resting on the fact that the two are doing well.

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Player was so loved that people from all over the world want to travel to her funeral

The concerned online friend from Israel says he and many of Lauren’s online friends are shocked. It is hoped to travel to Scotland to attend her funeral. Right now, hundreds of people around the world would be crying for her.

People would be willing to travel hundreds of miles to pay their respects: that’s how popular and loved she was in the game.

He says:

“You were an amazing sister, a gaming partner, a leader, my guardian angel. I knew you were special to me, but in the last few days I found out that more than 300 people in our game felt the same way about you. RIP Val, your spirit will always be with us.”

“Evony” is an MMO based on Adobe Flash. Around 2009 there was a controversial advertising campaign. With “Come Play, my lord” an attractive lady recruited players. The campaign had nothing to do with the gameplay.