Man played dead in Varberg – arrested by the police

When the police were to check a car in Varberg, one of the people did not want to identify himself.
The man ran from the scene but the police found him playing dead in a marsh.
– He was lying lifeless but only had a minute’s lead on the patrol, so they understood quite quickly that it didn’t seem right and fished him out, says Hans-Jörgen Ostler, press spokesperson at the police.

At 18:00 on Thursday evening, the police checked a vehicle in Varberg. Several people were in the vehicle and one of them did not want to identify himself.

The man then chose to run from the scene and avoid the control. The police followed the man who was found in a swamp. The man is said to have been lifeless, but the police understood that he was just playing and fished him out.

– That turned out not to be true, says Hans-Jörgen Ostler.

When he got out of the swamp he was chilled and bleeding from the nose. According to the police, he must have been lying in the marsh for a few minutes.

The police alerted the ambulance but chose instead to drive him to hospital. The man was arrested on suspicion of preparation for theft and his identity is to be determined.