Man in Luleå cycled around waving a sword – sentenced to probation

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It was in May that several people called the police and told them that a man was cycling around with a sword at a petrol station outside Luleå.

Among other things, the man is said to have cycled towards two younger girls and shouted things. They must have then seen that the man had a sword that glinted in the sun.

The police rushed to the scene and were able to arrest the man, who was also carrying a hammer and letter knife.

Sentenced to probation

The man, who is 35 years old, is sentenced by the Luleå district court to probation for a serious crime against the Knife Act. The crime is assessed as serious because, according to the district court, the sword is of a particularly dangerous nature and that there was a danger that it would be used in a crime against life or health.

The man denies the crime and claims during questioning that the sword is just a souvenir, and that he had it with him in case he slept in the forest and needed to make a fire.