Malmö: The police report a robbery

The police in Skåne report this:

According to the plaintiff, three unknown persons robbed him at 9.30 pm inside Folkets park. The trio forced the man into a hidden location and made him hand over money. The robbers then left the scene. There are no reports of personal injuries.

The plaintiff, who is in his 30s, alerted the police who searched the park and the surrounding area. There are currently no suspects.

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Info about Robbery crime

The number of reports of robbery has decreased in Sweden by 13% between 2013-2021 *. Malmö is top 1 in Sweden this year in terms of robberies.

The city with the most robberies so far this year is Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Gothenburg. Brief facts about Malmö

Malmö has 325,069 inhabitants and is located in Skåne. Eurovision Song Contest 1992 was held in Malmö.

* The statistics come from the Crime Prevention Council