Maker gives disappointing update on the next part of the series

Maker gives disappointing update on the next part of the

After the brilliant Daniel Craig finale of James Bond 007 – No Time to Die, fans of the series are wondering who will follow in the star’s footsteps. So far, information about 007’s future is rare. Producer Barbara Broccoli said in October 2023 that the search for Craig’s successor had not even begun yet.

Now there is an update from her that Bond fans are looking for probably have to be patient longer must.

James Bond boss gives sobering update on Daniel Craig’s successor

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was also a guest at an event organized by the British film industry. According to Deadline, one of his highlights of the evening was meeting Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. Sunak, who was probably in a very humorous mood at the event, asked the 007 boss about his chances as the new Bond. The producer gave a sobering update on the current status:

And ‘No,’ she said, ‘I can’t tell you anything about the next Bond film. There is nothing. Nothing is happening yet.

Maybe Broccoli didn’t want to reveal the information so that no secrets would become public beforehand. With the last update and the current statement, it looks like it will be a long time before Daniel Craig’s Bond successor is determined.

When could the next James Bond film be released in cinemas?

If we’re going by current information, filming for the new Bond film might not even begin this year. This makes us estimate that the next part of the 007 series probably not until 2026 at the earliest opens in cinemas.

There is no officially confirmed information about the content yet. Most recently, it has been suggested that the plot could take place at an earlier point in Bond’s career and thus we a younger 007 for the first time could see. The star is looking for an actor who is in his early to mid-30s. The name of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Bullet Train) was repeatedly mentioned as the favorite.