Major police operation in Solna – at least two arrested

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The police operation in an area in RĂ¥sunda in Solna began as an investigative case relating to serious crime. An investigative case that then took off at 9.45 p.m.

– You see people you want to control running from the scene. The case then takes on extra speed, says Stockholm police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl.

The plan was to detain people in the investigation case.

At least two people arrested

Several patrols were then on the spot looking for the people. At 10:30 p.m., the police announced that they had at least two people arrested. The police have also seized a weapon-like object.

– It is unclear whether it is sharp or not.

Precisely in this case, the persons are suspected of a serious crime against the Weapons Act. But what the investigation was about, the police do not want to go into at the moment.

– I will not go into what the investigation is about.

The continued work of the police in RĂ¥sunda during the evening means that places cordoned off by the police will continue to be cordoned off, until technicians have examined these places.