main suspect in Embakasi explosion investigation arrested

main suspect in Embakasi explosion investigation arrested

In Kenya, the main suspect in the investigation into the Embakasi explosion has been arrested, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations announced on Tuesday February 6. During the night from Thursday to Friday, a fire at a liquefied gas storage site in the eastern suburbs of Nairobi caused 3 deaths and 280 injuries. Investigators have already made several arrests.

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With our correspondent in Nairobi, Gaëlle Laleix

Derrick Kimathi leased the liquefied gas storage site. As such, he is in the eyes of the police the main suspect in this case. Three officers from NEMA, the National Environmental Management Authority, were also arrested. They are suspected of having fraudulently provided operating authorizations for the site even though it is located in a residential area. Five other suspects are still at large: the site director, two truck drivers, and two other NEMA employees.

The pressure on the DCI is great. The Embakasi affair has become a real scandal that has seized the political world. President William Ruto has denounced corruption in the administration. His main opponent, Raila Odinga, blamed the government. Everyone is demanding justice and compensation.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority said on Friday that it had repeatedly refused requests to build an LPG plant on this Embakasi site. According to the East African Petroleum Institute, which brings together gas and oil companies in the region, he was well established.

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