Maha died after surgery – now the clinic is forced to close

There is a tangible danger to patients’ lives, health and personal safety at the private beauty clinic Oranos Clinic in Malmö. This is what the Inspectorate for Care and Care, Ivo, has concluded during its investigation, and in a decision today, the authority prohibits the clinic from providing continued care and performing aesthetic treatments.

It was in March this year that 49-year-old Maha died after an operation at the clinic. She would get help with her split stomach muscles and undergo a tummy tuck. During the procedure, she suffered a cardiac arrest. When paramedics arrived at the clinic, she was not connected to a defibrillator or other monitoring equipment.

April 13, 2023

Brother talks about sister’s death: “It’s unacceptable”

“Basic prerequisites are missing”

Ivo started an inspection after the death and now finds that there are serious shortcomings at the clinic which entail a risk of medical damage or serious medical damage. They write in their decision that “the business lacks the basic prerequisites to offer patient-safe care and treatment”.

Already in May of this year, a decision was made to temporarily prohibit the clinic from performing procedures on patients with anesthesia, anesthesia and narcosis. With today’s decision, the operation will therefore cease permanently.

In April, TV4 Nyheterna met Maha’s brother Ayman Kadoura, who does not understand how it could happen:

– It’s terrible, it’s terrible. She has been a very active and happy person and now she is no longer with us. We can’t believe it’s true, says Ayman Kadoura.