Magnus Hedberg reveals the presenters’ big challenge: “Bored”

For over 30 seasons, the financial reality program Lyxfällan has been running on TV3, where we have been able to follow countless participants on their journey away from mountains of debt and financial problems.

The luxury trap 2023: Then it premieres

Just like previous seasons it is Magnus Hedberg and Magdalena Kowalczyk who is the presenter of Lyxfällan 2023, which premieres on September 19. In the popular program, they go to the homes of Lyxfällan participants all over Sweden and help them out of financial trouble.

Magnus Hedberg about the challenges in Lyxfällan

For News24 Magnus Hedberg previously told about what the viewers are not allowed to see in TV3’s Lyxfällan. But he has also revealed what are the biggest challenges of being a presenter for the long-distance runner.

– Financially, it’s actually quite basic. Already when you are ten years old, you know plus and minus and start to be able to learn percentages as well. Then you can actually do what is required to take care of basic household finances. Roughly speaking, and mathematically speaking.

– But the big challenge is behavioral science. What motivates them to change? And getting people to do it over time. Not just when we are there, but that they change permanently. Therein lies the big challenge.

The change in the new Lux trap – the presenters reveal: “Very sad”

“The big challenge is behavioral science,” explains Magnus Hedberg. Photo: TV3/Lyxfällan”I feel that it is an even bigger challenge today”

Magnus Hedberg explains that he has noticed yet another challenge when it comes to a certain type of participant in the Luxury Trap – specifically among the younger guard.

– I feel that it is an even greater challenge today. Most new generations coming out now are very impatient. They want an immediate effect and get bored very quickly. Maybe it’s not great fun to have burned money and had a great time, and then clean up the problems for eight years.

– The biggest challenge is to get these people motivated and able to do it during the eight years.

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