Magdalena Forsberg admits her jealousy of Stina Nilsson – and what she really thinks of the biathlete: “Stina is not the one…”

Magdalena Forsberg is our best biathlete ever.
Now the legend reveals his jealousy towards Stina Nilsson.
– I treat Stina to all this but…, says “Magda” to Expressen.

There are few who can measure up Magdalena Forsbergs incredible popularity as a sports hero. She became “Magda” with the entire Swedish people and paved the way for all future biathletes after an absolutely fantastic career on the trails and on the shooting range.

Forsberg’s success

Forsberg collected a total of 42 World Cup victories, six World Cup gold medals and won the overall World Cup six seasons in a row from 1997 to 2002. An incredible performance by the legendary biathlete.

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220204 Magdalena Forsberg in Discovery’s Olympic studio before a broadcast during the Olympics on February 4, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN / code JL / JL0240

A clear proof of how popular she was during her active sports career is that Magdalena Forsberg won the people’s prize the Jerring prize a total of four times, no one else has managed that. Now go Stina Nilsson in the icon’s footsteps and, just like Magda, switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon late in her career.
– At first I thought it was an April fool’s joke, it was almost too good news to be true. I really think it’s great fun that she does it, says Forsberg to Expressen about the news that shocked the entire skiing world in 2020.

Envy Nilsson

Nilsson was one of the world’s best sprinters and both a WC and Olympic gold medalist when she chose to change sports. Forsberg was never very good in cross-country skiing but really knows himself in the successor.
– I recognize myself so much in Stina and the way she talks about her new challenge, the curiosity, the joy, the attitude, the wisdom. How fun she thinks it is to learn something new. That’s exactly how it was for me, that there was a joy in being able to develop in something else, says Magda in the interview and admits that she actually envies Stina.
– I treat Stina to all this, but I can almost feel a little jealous too, that now she gets to experience all this that I got to experience many years ago.

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221026 In this handout image from the Swedish Biathlon Union, Sweden’s Stina Nilsson is seen posing for a portrait on October 26, 2022 in Idre. Photo: Per Danielsson / Swedish Biathlon Federation / Handout / BILDBYRÅN

Four years have passed since Stina Nilsson changed sports and she has really had to fight to achieve results. There have been many disappointments, but Forsberg calls for calm.
– She must be allowed to develop at her own pace. It is important. But Stina is not the one to do anything half-assed, it will be great fun to follow her, says Magdalena to the evening newspaper.

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