Magdalena Andersson: Who finances Henrik Jönsson?

Magdalena Andersson Who finances Henrik Jonsson


Who finances Henrik Jönsson? wonders Magdalena Andersson in one DN interview.

The right-wing debater himself believes that he is being made suspicious by the S-leader.

“It is remarkable that top politicians target an individual citizen,” he writes on X.

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter, Social Democrats party leader Magdalena Andersson says that there is a campaign against her party.

She highlights posts in social media about “Arga Andersson” – and then focuses on the right-wing debater and YouTuber Henrik Jönsson as an example.


full screen Debater Henrik Jönsson. Photo: Lotte Fernvall

– Who finances him?, she asks herself several times.

During the interview, press secretary Mirjam Kontio also chimes in about Jönsson:

– To spread hate propaganda against us and Magda, she says.

“Private individuals who swish”

When asked if he spreads hate propaganda against Andersson, the S leader says:

– No, not against me. I don’t look at him. But against the Social Democrats. My question is just who is funding him? After all, he has a studio and sits and has time to do this. Where does the money come from?


full screen Social Democrats party leader Magdalena Andersson. Photo: Björn Lindahl

On X, Henrik Jönsson himself gives his view of the interview:

“Magdalena Andersson thus devotes a large part of a DN interview to making my “funding” suspicious — and press secretary Mirjam Kontio accuses me of “hate propaganda”, he writes and continues:

“It is remarkable that top politicians attack an individual citizen and private person — without even substantiating their accusations.”

Jönsson says his funding consists of voluntary donations.

“Mainly by private individuals who swish. I only express my own opinions, and am driven exclusively by an authentic social commitment”.

“Is uninteresting”

Aftonbladet has been in contact with Magdalena Andersson’s press secretary Mirjam Kontio, who does not want to comment on the interview.

– No, it is uninteresting. This was supposed to be about the EU and then she was asked by the reporter about Henrik Jönsson.

But the interview is pretty much about who finances Henrik Jönsson?

– They probably thought it was fun.

Don’t you think so?

– No clue. No, I have nothing more to add.