Magdalena Andersson the winner in the party leader debate

Sunday’s party leader debate was exciting and fast-paced where many behaved well, according to Marcus Oscarsson.
Both Ulf Kristersson (M) and Magdalena Andersson (S) got their “oneliners” that won them points.
But the best was Magdalena Andersson, according to Oscarsson.

During SVT’s party leader debate, there was a reversal of roles between the opposition and the ruling party, where SD is on the government side for the first time since the election. In addition, they are the largest party on the government side.

– Then you cannot attack the current situation in the same way as we have always seen the Sweden Democrats. When Jimmie Åkesson found his favorite questions, things went much better, says Marcus Oscarsson.

Effective grip by the prime minister

Something that marked the debate was the economic situation and the economy and inflation. The left side thinks that the government does too little for the Swedish people and that they invested too much in those who already have money. The ruling side believes that you cannot spend too much money as it will fuel inflation. During that debate, the prime minister’s best moment came, according to Marcus Oscarsson.

– Then Ulf Kristersson took a very effective approach. He praised Magdalena Andersson and said that she has good insight into this inflation thing. But then he went into the split on the left side.

Marcus Oscarsson also emphasizes that the parties on the government side largely agreed with each other the entire time, except for the discussion about culture and whether drag queens should be allowed to read fairy tales to children, where the Liberals and the Sweden Democrats started debating.

Who is the winner then?

He singles out Magdalena Andersson and thinks she was the best in the debate. He says that she made sure that Ulf Kristersson was a little pressured when she went on the attack and said that the government and SD have broken many election promises.

– She was much better in the debate yesterday than she was during the election campaign debates, I think. She kept a fairly low profile during parts of the debate, so she wasn’t seen very much. But when she appeared, she was very good. And it can sometimes be more effective.

– Then I also thought that Nooshi Dadgostar had a good evening. I think that Jimmie Åkesson works much better this way when he is calmer and agrees with the Moderates and the right side. Muharrem Demirok, no premiere nerves at all even though it was his first party leader debate.


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