Magdalena Andersson (S) criticizes M’s NATO meeting – V and MP ported

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

All parties should be allowed to participate in the meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Stockholm on March 7, including the NATO-critical parties V and MP. This is the opinion of Social Democrats’ party leader Magdalena Andersson, who is now criticizing the Prime Minister’s decision to exclude the parties from the meeting.

If any party should be eliminated, it is the Sweden Democrats, believes Magdalena Andersson.

– After all, they are the party that in recent weeks has put party selfish interests ahead of the interests of the country.

Returned by SD

However, SD rejects Andersson’s appointment and believes that they have an obvious place in the NATO meeting with Stoltenberg.

– We are part of the inner cabinet together with the government parties. We have a coordination office at the Government Office. We are the largest party in the government documents, says Aron Emilsson (SD), chairman of the foreign affairs committee.

The Prime Minister stands firm

As the whole of Sweden will join NATO, it is only fair that all parties in the Riksdag get to agree on the terms of NATO membership, says Andersson.

However, the Prime Minister stands by his decision to exclude V and MP and justifies his thinning by saying that he has only invited the parties that are in favor of Swedish membership.

“A confidential conversation about how Sweden can best and fastest together with Finland enter NATO is of course best done together with the parties that really want Sweden to join NATO, not with the parties that want Sweden to be left out,” comments Ulf Kristersson in writing through his press department,” writes his press department.