Magdalena Andersson re-elected Prime Minister five days after parliamentary fiasco

Magdalena Andersson re elected Prime Minister five days after parliamentary fiasco

No bad surprise this time in Sweden for the country’s new Prime Minister. Magdalena Andersson will be able to officially become the first woman in Swedish history to lead the government. Forced last week to resign just 7 hours after her election by Parliament, this time she was appointed without a hitch.

Parliament’s vote on Monday, November 29 ends a priori finale to one of the most incredible episodes in the history of Swedish democracy. Last Wednesday, Magdalena Andersson was indeed forced to resign from her post just hours after being appointed Prime Minister of the country. In question, the withdrawal of the ecological party from the coalition in power in Stockholm for seven years.

This time, a priori no bad surprises: the new government will be entirely led by the Social Democratic Party. A minority government, certainly, but sheltered from the whims of its former partners.

Magdalena Andersson will go down in the history of her country, because of the circumstances of her election, but not only: she becomes at the age of 54 the first woman to lead a government in Sweden, a country considered to be very advanced on equality. men women.

She has less than a year from now until the next legislative elections to try to straighten the popularity of her party, at the lowest in the polls, and in difficulty in the face of an unprecedented alliance in Sweden, forged between the conservatives and the far right.