Mag Futura: the science that will mark 2022 in 4 dossiers

Mag Futura the science that will mark 2022 in 4

It’s coming soon: Futura’s first paper magazine will meet you at the start of 2022 for a concentration of knowledge and surveys on major scientific questions to come. Here are the four major topics our journalists explored.

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[EN VIDÉO] Le Mag Futura, first edition
Futura has launched a new challenge: writing a paper magazine! This review focuses on four major questions that we explore through surveys, reports or major interviews. This Mag is a big bet for an independent web media and that is why we need your support.

Before unveiling the contents of our first paper magazine, the entire Futura team warmly thanks you for your support and your participation in the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. We have indeed already passed the milestone of 1,000 presales in just a few days, and it is very promising. Thanks to you, friends “science ambassadors”, we are fast approaching the launch …

The science that will mark 2022

The Futura magazine invites you to an annual meeting to discuss and dissect the questions that are in the news or that will make it in the months and years to come. And such the four seasons in one year but also the four cardinal points without which we would go astray, we wanted to develop four major dossiers of around fifty pages each on strong themes for the year 2022.

At the heart of these issues:

  1. What mysteries is the Moon still hiding from us?
  2. Will we soon be able to cure everything thanks to Genoa ?
  3. How to feed the world without destroying it?
  4. THE’artificial intelligence can she get really smart?

As soon as the Mag enters, a timeline will display all the important events relating to these subjects.

Why these files?

  1. Why the choice of the moon ? Because it seemed obvious to us that our natural satellite, so close to us on the scale of the Universe, will occupy a central place in scientific news. First, by the return of humans to its surface expected from the middle of the decade, and also by the activities that will develop there, and at the same time, by recent discoveries on its resources and its origins.
  2. the second Health file increasingly concerns us all. Research in medicine has made considerable progress and we are preparing for new, very promising applications to treat diseases that are sometimes considerable as well as incurable.
  3. Our third file took a close interest in a major problem that is decisive for the survival of our species in our world which is heating up and also suffering from the decline of biodiversity : the’Agriculture. How to successfully feed a growing human population? What will be the food that we will eat? For what nutritional value? What upheavals to come?
  4. Fourth stake at the heart of 2022: theartificial intelligence. This, through its multiple developments and applications, creeps into our lives digital. So can AI help us? Will it exceed human intelligence …?

You have understood it: through more than 200 pages, the Futura paper mag promises you a fascinating walk on the questions of tomorrow, a reference guide on these issues. If, like us, you are curious to understand and decipher our changing world, you will not be disappointed.

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