Madelen Janogy five years after the gold in Piteå: “Unbelievable growth as a person”

The Women’s Women’s 2018 season was a nail-biter. Piteå won 6-1 against Växjö but had to wait for the result between Gothenburg-Rosengård before the gold was secured.

– It is impossible to describe the feelings you had there. They want to do that again, says Madelen Janogy when she sees the old celebration photos.

After the gold with Piteå, she went to the big German club Wolfsburg, but broke the contract and moved home because she was mentally ill. Recently, she opened up about the difficult upbringing in SVT’s interview program Min sanning.

In Hammarby, she has found her footing again, but is on an expiring contract. The possible gold match against Norrköping could be her last in “Bajen”, but that is not something she wants to think about. Than.

– I haven’t thought about the future at all. The focus is on the upcoming match and on the team. To close the circle, she says.

Do you want to stay in Hammarby?

– I love Bajen. Now I’m going to play one last match (for the season) with Bajen and that’s where my focus is.

But does abroad attract?

– I have always said that I want to play abroad at some point. We’ll see when that happens, but that’s not my focus right now.

See Janogy’s reaction to the old celebration photos in the player above.