Macron finds it “normal” to discuss with the RN

Macron finds it normal to discuss with the RN

Emmanuel Macron defended equal “recognition” of the political groups represented in Parliament, echoing the controversial comments of his Prime Minister.

“The republican arc is the hemicycle,” declared Gabriel Attal to World a few days ago. Thursday, February 9, the Prime Minister once again took responsibility for working “with everyone” in Parliament. Statements which irritated some, on the left as well as within the Macronist camp. But this Friday, Emmanuel Macron agreed with his successor: the president considered it “completely normal to say that there can be discussions” with the National Rally in the Assembly.

“We are not going to consider that this or that political group would have fewer parliamentary rights, less recognition,” defended Emmanuel Macron to the press, during a trip to Bordeaux. The president refuses to see this as a change in doctrine vis-à-vis Marine Le Pen’s party. “I believe that it is recognition of the fact that all the parties which are represented in the Assembly were chosen by our compatriots and that we do not sort out the expression of universal suffrage”, explains- he.

“No text” voted on “thanks to the National Rally”

“Since the start of this legislature, there have been several texts that have been voted on by the National Rally,” notes Macron. “We simply ensured that no text was voted on thanks to the National Rally,” he says.

“President Macron marks, whatever he says, a serious break in the democratic history of our country”, reacted the environmentalist deputy Benjamin Lucas on X, denouncing “a betrayal” and “a betrayal”.