Macky Sall’s challenges before the 2024 presidential election

Macky Salls challenges before the 2024 presidential election

A new Prime Minister in the person of Amadou Ba, a new government… It is a new sequence which opens in Senegal, where the 38 ministers will have to face the economic and social challenges, against the backdrop of the global crisis. But the challenges are also very political for President Macky Sall, 17 months before the presidential election scheduled for February 2024.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

Not a word about his intentions for the next presidential election in his address to the Nation, Friday September 16: Macky Sall maintains the blur. Will there be a third candidacy for the presidency of the Republic of Senegal? The debate will intensify, while the country is electorally fractured, as shown by the local elections in January, then the legislative elections in July. Majority and opposition are now neck and neck in the Assembly. The return to parliament, which turned into a fight last Monday, set the tone.

With the appointment ofAmadou Ba as Prime Minister, a tenor of the presidential party, is the head of state preparing for his succession? Or will it be more of a fuse? In any case, Senegal is heading towards a major transition, with the production of natural gas from the end of 2023, underlines a political scientist.

Macky Sall hopes to reap the rewards “, blows our interlocutor, who also wonders: “ Even if it means imagining a scenario at the Vladimir Putin/Dmitry Medvedev ? “, in reference to the Russian president who had placed his head of government at the head of the state, between 2008 and 2012, before returning to it.

Far from speculation, President Macky Sall left Dakar on Sunday 18 September. He took the direction of London, for the funeral of Elizabeth IIbefore heading to New York for the United Nations General Assembly.