MacBook: €400 promotion on the MacBook Pro M1!

MacBook E400 promotion on the MacBook Pro M1

MACBOOK PRO M1. Rueducommerce is currently offering an excellent price on the Apple MacBook Pro M1. This powerful laptop loses more than 400 € on its initial price and is displayed at 1839 €.

Rueducommerce regularly offers interesting promotions on Apple products. The MacBook Pro M1 is however one of the most highlighted offers in recent days, thanks in particular to a nice price drop. Although it is not the latest model from the manufacturer, the MacBook Pro M1 still has very high performance!

If you want to buy a MacBook Pro M1 with a 14″ screen, Rueducommerce’s offer may be of interest to you. The ultra-performance computer for professionals from Apple is currently displayed there at €1,839. If this represents a large sum, it is a much more advantageous price compared to the base price of the MacBook Pro M1 which is € 2249. A great opportunity to crack if you have been looking for a MacBook for some time.

The MacBook Pro M1, a powerful laptop

Designed primarily for professionals (hence its name), the MacBook Pro M1 has powerful components to deliver high performance. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a seasoned graphic designer, or a developer who needs a powerful machine, you can count on the chip Apple M1. This component created by the firm allows the MacBook Pro M1 to follow you effectively in all your daily tasks, even the most resource-intensive.