Lukashenko goes to the border and talks to migrants

Lukashenko goes to the border and talks to migrants

Alexander Lukashenko, whose re-election in Belarus was marred by irregularities according to the EU, traveled to the Polish border on Friday, November 26, to a temporary center opened last week. He called on Germany to welcome the migrants massed in the area, promising that he would not hold them back.

The standoff between Belarus and the European Union does not seem ready to end, as thousands of migrants have massed on the border with Poland for weeks under increasingly difficult conditions.

Alexander Lukashenko does not budge: even if his country is accused of having orchestrated this humanitarian crisis by granting visas to these migrants to come to Belarus, according to him, it is the EU which is responsible for the ongoing tragedy at the eastern borders of Europe.

Traveling this Friday morning, November 26 in a migrant center near Bruzgi, a crossing point between the two countries a few kilometers from the Polish city of Kuźnica, the Belarusian leader explained to the migrants present that they were free to go. in Europe, before specifying that most wanted to go to Germany.

Alexander Lukashenko took the opportunity to launch an appeal in Berlin: ” Two thousand people, that’s not a big deal », He declared in front of the journalists who accompanied him.

The Belarusian leader is leading a real communication campaign, leaving the wrong role to the European Union and Poland. Meanwhile, flights chartered by Iraq to repatriate its nationals are increasing. After two flights left on Thursday, two other planes to carry more than 850 people are scheduled until Saturday. Migrants returning to Iraq after having spent all their savings trying to reach Europe.

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