“Luckily no one was hurt”

Luckily no one was hurt

During the Wednesday evening, rocks were blasted for the subway construction under Birkastan, Stockholm. Residents in the area are used to the explosions but when they woke up on Thursday morning they got a surprise, which In the middle of Stockholm was the first to report on.

The explosion had not only shaken mountains, but also launched quantities of dog poo bags from a deep pipe. The dog poo bags then ended up on cars, houses and the pavement.

– Someone who looked out said there was smoke coming from the pipe. Someone could have died if they walked right in front of it when it happened. It’s good pressure I guess. Pretty undignified way to die. Luckily no one was hurt. There were some rocks and tombstones in there too. But the fun part was the poo, says a resident to Mitt i Stockholm.

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About 50 dog poo bags rained down

– Imagine that you have a balloon filled with soft mass, and then you throw it as hard as you can against a house wall or a car. Maybe not all, but many bags have burst. It is estimated that around 50 bags of dog poo were thrown away, says Emma Sahlman.

On Thursday morning, the residents of the area woke up to the sight of dog poo on houses, windows and in trees. The housing association that got poo on the windows and facade must have these cleaned as soon as possible.

– Building in a metropolitan environment involves many challenges and a lot of surprises. However, I don’t think that anyone with even the wildest imagination had anticipated this. It’s very odd, to say the least, he says Emma Sahlmanpress officer for the New subway to Mitt i Stockholm.

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