LR courted from all sides, Edouard Philippe slaps his fist

LR courted from all sides Edouard Philippe slaps his fist

Early legislative elections will take place in June and July 2024. While a union agreement is in the works on the left, both the RN and the presidential camp are reaching out to the LR. Edouard Philippe calls for building a “central block”.

The essential

  • Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of early legislative elections on Sunday June 30 and July 7. The electoral campaign will therefore be express.
  • The President of the Republic will speak this afternoon at a press conference. He will reconsider his surprise decision and set his course for the coming weeks.
  • On the left, the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, the Ecologists and La France insoumise called for “the creation of a new popular front”, saying they wanted to “support single candidates from the first round” of the legislative elections.
  • Marine Le Pen, guest last night on TF1’s news, said she was ready not to present RN candidates against LR candidates to “bring together” on the right.
  • A meeting was held between far-right forces, including Marion Maréchal, Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. “Nothing has been done” between the two parties, assured the president of the RN.
  • This morning on RTL, Edouard Philippe calls for “building a new majority” with “all the political forces inside the central bloc”. “It must be said who is […] and we must accept the idea that we will have to work with others,” insists the former Prime Minister.


09:56 – The RN will support “people from the Republicans” in the legislative elections, confirms Bardella

“There will be no political party agreement” between the RN and other parties, repeats Jordan Bardella on Franceinfo. But “in the candidates that my political movement will support, there will not just be people from the National Rally, there will also be people from the Republicans,” says the MEP. “I call on the Republicans to stop being Emmanuel Macron’s political crutch, I extend my hand to you, come and work alongside us,” he says.

09:46 – Macron’s outstretched hand to the LR is “an admission of weakness”, according to Xavier Bertrand

“If Renaissance does not present candidates against outgoing Republicans, it is because they know that their candidates will be swept away,” estimates the president of the Hauts-de-France region, on Franceinfo. According to Xavier Bertrand, the outgoing LR deputies “were elected in very difficult conditions and they owe it above all to their qualities, to their personal commitment on the ground. We know where they live, we know who they are.”

So if the presidential camp says it does not want to present candidates against them, “it is quite simply because they are not in a position to be carried in the second round of this legislative election. So it is not a gift they give, it is not an outstretched hand, it is an admission of weakness.”

09:39 – “The gathering of the left of government cannot be done with LFI”, protests Cazeneuve

While six left-wing political forces are moving forward on an agreement for early legislative elections, the former Prime Minister of François Hollande expresses his opposition to an alliance with Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party. “The far right seriously threatens unity and national harmony. To confront it, we need clarity on values ​​and sincerity in convictions. The coming together of the left of government cannot be done with LFI Unless it betrays everything about Blum’s legacy,” said Bernard Cazeneuve on X.

The latter had already vigorously opposed Nupes in 2022, going so far as to leave the Socialist Party.

09:25 – The RN ready not to present candidates against certain LRs

If the RN rejected any “device agreement” with a view to the legislative elections, Jordan Bardella indicated yesterday that he was discussing with certain executives of the Les Républicains party. A few hours later, Marine Le Pen confirmed on TF1 that her party was ready not to present candidates against certain LRs. “Of course we are capable of doing it, because that’s what bringing together is. Bringing together means having a charter with political points on which everyone agrees,” he said. she declared.

“We must be able to bring together, to open up to all men and women of good will […] to build a stable majority,” said Marine Le Pen.

09:08 – “Never with us!” Responds Eric Ciotti to Edouard Philippe

The response from the Republican boss was quick: build a majority in the center? “Never with us!” Retorts Eric Ciotti on Things are clear: LR is not ready to collaborate with the socialists.

09:03 – Edouard Philippe wants to “build a majority” in “the central bloc”

For the former Prime Minister, his camp must “accept the idea that we are going to have to work with others, and with others who do not agree with us on everything”. But “we must not say to those who are outside the majority ‘come since we agree’, we must tell them ‘let’s build something together that is in the interest of the country'”, believes Edouard Philippe on RTL.

“If we want to avoid the disorder in the National Assembly that we experienced with […] a kind of absurd polarization, I believe that we must build this majority in the central bloc”, insists Edouard Philippe. A hand extended to LR as well as to the PS, specifies the boss of Horizons.

08:45 – Early legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7

Welcome to our live broadcast dedicated to the early legislative elections. After the dissolution of the National Assembly decided by Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening, political forces are organizing to try to win a majority at the Bourbon Palace at the end of the election. Find all the latest news here.

06/10/24 – 11:51 p.m. – More than 100,000 signatories for a “Popular Front”

Somme MP François Ruffin announced this Monday 100,000 signatories in a few hours after his call for a “Popular Front”. On the left, many voices are calling for the formation of a new union after that of Nupes, while France Insoumise hopes to unite behind it.

10/06/24 – 23:23 – Five unions call for demonstrations “as widely as possible” this weekend

In view of the anticipated legislative elections, five unions (the CGT, the CFDT, the UNSA, the FSU and the Solidaires Trade Union) are calling for “demonstrate as widely as possible” this weekend.

10/06/24 – 22:46 – Unique left-wing candidates in each constituency in the first round

In a press release, the PS, LFI, the PCF and EELV call for the “constitution of a new popular front bringing together in a new form all the humanist, union, associative and citizen left-wing forces”. The left-wing parties will present “in each constituency”, “single candidates from the first round”. “We want to carry out a program of social and ecological ruptures to build an alternative to Emmanuel Macron and combat the racist project of the far right,” they announce in a joint press release.

10/06/24 – 22:19 – EELV sets its conditions for a “Popular Front”

For a union on the left, environmentalists set their conditions with “a base of 10 simple and readable measures to change the lives of French people”. Among them, “a climate plan aiming for carbon neutrality in 2050 without nuclear power through the end of large useless projects”, “restoring power and freedoms to the people and their representatives”, “fighting against sexist and sexual violence” or even “unwavering support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion” and “ending the genocide in Gaza”.

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Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly only a few minutes after the announcement of the first estimates of the results of the European elections on Sunday June 9. A “serious, heavy” decision taken in view of the overwhelming victory of the National Rally in the European vote. “I trust the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations. I have heard your message, your concerns, and I will not leave them unanswered,” declared the president of the Republic. By this decision, and the appeal to article 12 of the Constitution of the 5th Republic, Emmanuel Macron de facto recorded the organization of early legislative elections aimed at composing a new National Assembly.

The French will therefore be called to vote in new elections which will arrive quickly, very quickly since the Constitution provides for new elections within 20 to 40 days following the dissolution. Emmanuel Macron has already set the dates for the election: the first round of 2024 legislative elections will be held on Sunday June 30, followed by the second round a week later on Sunday July 7, 2024. That is to say less than three weeks after the announcement by the head of the state. Why so early ? Well because within the deadline provided for by the Constitution, the agenda for the coming months is busy, particularly with the start of the Olympic Games and the summer period and school holidays following, which limited the options for organizing the ballots.

The day after the announcement on the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of legislative elections, the different parties entered into the campaign, which will be express with barely three weeks between the announcement and the polls. The first key step is that of submitting applications, the deadline for which is Friday June 14, to allow the official campaign to begin on Monday June 17 and respect the two weeks of campaigning before an election.

The different parties organize themselves, but they also consult for some. The presidential majority was the first to extend a hand to certain parties, mainly the Republicans, the socialists and the ecologists, by promising not to present a candidate in front of the outgoing deputies “from the Republican arc” and by proposing to invest elected from these same political families on the condition that they subscribe to the project of the majority. But neither the right nor the left agreed to ally themselves with the presidential camp.

On the left, all the forces are calling for a union but the conditions to put this in place remain to be defined. The rebels and some other left-wing personalities have called for a departure from the Nupes program established in 2022. The leaders of the four left-wing parties are meeting this Monday, June 10: Olivier Faure (PS), Manuel Bompard (LFI), Marine Tondelier ( EELV) and Fabien Roussel (PCF).

On the far right it is Eric Zemmour, head of the Reconquest party who called for “the broadest union of the rights”, but both the National Rally and the Republicans refused any alliance. The fact remains that Marion Maréchal, also a supporter of a union on the right, engages in dialogue with Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen. Note that all the forces which will engage in the 2024 legislative elections will have to present 577 candidates, one for each French constituency.