Love is in the pre 2023: are the candidates in a relationship or single?

Love is in the pre 2023 are the candidates in

Season 18 of L’amour est dans le pré ended on M6 this Monday, November 20, 2023. So, which farmers found their soul mate thanks to the show?

Love is in the meadow, it’s over for the year 2023. The show ended this Monday, November 20 with the broadcast of the last part of the reports on M6. After discovering the romantic destiny of Jean-Paul, Julien, Roméo, Olivier, Anaïs and David, it is the turn of Clément, Perrine, Patrice, Joris, Christine and Charles to make revelations about their romantic future.

And suffice to say that this year, the results of the show are rather mixed. Alone Patrice and Justine are still a couple following the filming. And yet, it was not necessarily won, since the farmer was exasperated by the behavior of his suitor and had given her an ultimatum: she had one month to change, otherwise it would be a breakup. A month later, the M6 ​​cameras revealed that Justine had taken control of herself and the couple had perfect love.

As for the rest of the 2023 class, the results are more gloomy. They are all single at the end of these assessments, with the exception of Julian who found love in the arms of a man other than her suitor, Thibault.

Clement thus revealed that he had broken up with Manon, his suitor, because he did not feel sincere love for her. Perrin also did not find love and was “not ready” according to Karine Le Marchand. While Joris seemed to have the perfect love with Carinethe feelings eventually faded, forcing the farmer to break up with his suitor.

Christina also ended up single after filming Love is in the meadow and appeared alone on the balance sheet. Charles and Véronique, this season’s surprise couple, have also broken up. The farmer revealed that the excessive jealousy of Patrice’s suitor, as well as a scene that occurred with the son of the candidate of the show, put an end to their story.

Many breakups

Last week, we had after Jean Paul and Maria broke up. Anaïs, she is single following her stay on the farm. Her romance with Thomas, a Swiss computer scientist, ended at the end of filming, their life plans being too different.

Romeo he too has finished his adventure of Love is in the meadow single. While he had decided to continue the adventure with Sophie, he came to the conclusion alone, explaining that they “were not meant to be together” and that he had not missed them when they were not. not together.

Finally, Olivier, a 56-year-old breeder in the Creuse, ultimately did not find love with Corine, who left after just three days. He is still single.

David was one of the unsuccessful candidates of this season of Love is in the meadow. The 42-year-old cow breeder had not received any mail when the show began, or even after. But, during the assessment, Karine Le Marchand surprised him with a letter from a suitor: that of Kareen, an Alsatian school teacher. History does not say whether, since the end of the filming of the report, this romance has materialized.