Love is Blind contestants were forced to answer questions about weight

Love is Blind contestants were forced to answer questions about

In January 2024, the reality show “Love is blind Sweden” premiered on Netflix.

The program involves singles dating each other blindly. They can enter so-called “pods” and blind date each other with a wall between them.

The goal of dating is for some to like each other and form a couple. The couple then gets to see each other and continue dating for real. At the end of the series, the couples will be faced with the decision of whether they want to marry each other or not.

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The couples in Love is Blind Sweden 2024

The whole thing is not just a reality show but also a big social experiment, to see if love really is blind.

In the first season of Netflix Love is Blind Sweden, five couples were formed. Amongst Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt, Sergio Rincón and Amanda Jonegård and Oskar Nordstrand and Meira Omar.

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Casting is now underway for season two

Now the production company Mastiff, which manages the casting for Love is Blind Sweden, is looking for people who might consider participating in the second season of the popular reality show.

News24 have gone through the questions in the first casting form for the show. The first questions are short and include your name, where you live, your age, height and weight.

The question of weight is mandatory to answer in order to move forward in the process.

Photo: Mastiff/Screenshot The body activist critical of the issue of weight

The body activist Sara ‘Songbird’ Linderholm looks critically at the issue of weight in the casting form.

She thinks it’s irrelevant in a dating show, especially in a dating show where love is blind.

– If they are going to parachute or load everyone into an elevator that cannot exceed the maximum weight, I would have understood, but that is completely irrelevant in a dating program, says Sara ‘Songbird’ Linderholm in a comment to Nyheter24 and continues:

– It defeats the whole purpose of love being blind if the focus is on weight. After all, the participants are not allowed to know such information about each other when they date in the podcasts.

Photo: Sofia Ekström/SvD/TT Asked about clothing size

Krissy Hedenstedt, who married Rasmus Hedenstedt in the first season of Swedish Love is Blind, does not remember whether she had to answer a question about weight in her casting form. However, the production asked her about her dress size.

– Honestly, I can’t remember being asked about it! On the other hand, they asked about size in clothes, but I interpreted that as needed for any clothes that would be assisted by them, she says in a comment to Nyheter24.

Mastiff has chosen to remove the question of weight

When Nyheter24 reaches Matilda SnowwallCEO of the production company Mastiff, regarding the issue of weight in the casting form, she announces that they have now realized that it is not relevant to the program and have removed it.

– It’s a question that sometimes comes up during casting, but we realized that it’s not relevant for Love is Blind. That’s why we removed it, it doesn’t get any weirder than that.

Criticism of the casting of “Love is blind”

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