Louise suffered in the PFAS scandal: “We fight for our right”

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It was in April last year that the district court’s verdict was handed down in the high-profile PFAS case. The verdict ruled that the municipal company Ronneby Miljöteknik must compensate around 160 residents of Kallinge, because elevated levels of PFAS in the blood are classified as a personal injury.

But the municipality appealed the verdict. On Tuesday, negotiations begin in the Court of Appeal, which will now decide the case.

– Our bodies are damaged and we are fighting for our right, says Louise Karlsson, who is one of the residents of Kallinge who ingested PFAS via the drinking water and who is demanding compensation from Ronneby Miljöteknik.

“Of course we are worried”

She is worried that PFAS in the drinking water is the reason why she got cancer, among other things.

– It is clear that we are worried. This summer I was affected by bladder cancer, for which I had surgery, says Louise Karlsson.

Now she hopes to be right against Ronneby Miljöteknik in the Court of Appeal as well.

– Of course I wish we win this. It’s not fair otherwise, she says.

The company declines the interview

SVT Nyheter Blekinge has turned to Ronneby Miljöteknik with a number of questions before the case is decided in the Court of Appeal. But the company declines the interview.

“Miljöteknik and Ronneby Municipality will not go into the depth of issues and possible speculation before and during the Court of Appeal hearing, but we will make a statement after the verdict has been announced,” writes the company’s CEO Peter Berglin in an email.

Hear Louise Karlsson tell more in the video clip.