Lords Mobile unleashes Godzilla & Kong in a crossover event

The mobile game Lords Online is offering a special event and is releasing Godzilla and Kong from the new movie “The New Empire” into the game as part of a cooperation. There are also lots of goodies.

IGG’s popular strategy MMO regularly attracts attention with cool collaborations. There was already the funny Kung Fu Panda Po or chic sports cars from Pangani. On the occasion of the new movie “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire”, there is a particularly big event this time in which the two colossi play a role and there is some big loot for you.

What’s in the event? In the upcoming event, Lords Mobile unleashes the primal beast Godzilla and the giant ape Kong. The event runs until May 12, 2024 and during this time there will be new tasks and special loot in the style of the two legendary monsters.

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What exactly is Lords Mobile? Released in February 2016 by IGG, Lords Mobile is a massively multiplayer base-building and real-time strategy strategy game.

The plot is quickly explained: In a fantasy kingdom, a war for the crown rages after the death of its ruler. Countless lords compete for the throne, and you are one of them.

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This means that you have to recruit heroes, strengthen your base, fight battles, forge alliances and much more to prevail against the competition.

Lords Mobile’s big Godzilla x Kong event in detail

When does it start? Lords Mobile & Godzilla x Kong has already launched and will run until May 12, 2024. During this time, all of the following in-game events will take place.

These are the individual events: As part of the Godzilla x Kong event, you can collect achievements and win in-game prizes. This includes emotes, avatars and an exclusive castle skin for the event.

You can get all of this if you take part in the “Hollow Earth Exploration” puzzle event. There you have to take special photos and then unlock the goodies mentioned.

There is also the “Hollow Earth Supply Shop”. Collect mysterious ore samples and get even more goodies, including more skins, artifacts and portraits in the style of Godzilla and Kong.

The colorful characters from Lords Mobile meet Godzilla and the giant ape Kong here.

By the way, you get a portion of ore for free every day when you log in for the first time, so make sure you don’t miss anything.
You can find out more about the “Lords Mobile & Godzilla x Kong” event on the official Lords Mobile page.