LOOK BACK: Feyenoord dries FC Utrecht: ‘Ron Jans on his way to the Galgenwaard’

LOOK BACK Feyenoord dries FC Utrecht Ron Jans on his

Penders saw his team start furiously, but as the match progressed he lost less and less grip on the strong Feyenoord. “This hurts a lot. We knew how good Feyenoord was, but wanted to fight for it as a team. The boys did that, but Feyenoord is just better.” Penders did not want to comment on players individually, but he also thought that things should be better. “I’ve been around long enough to know that things can turn around quickly. We’ll stick to that. It’s not easy now that it’s so unsettled. We have to stick together now because if we fall apart we’ll have a bigger problem Feyenoord is worthy of the Champions League, so that was not easy either.