Long peace meeting after the big fight: “Good and warm talk”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Bojan Djordjic and Janne Andersson have spoken to each other for the first time since the big fight on live broadcast. – We had a good and warm conversation, says Janne Andersson in a press release. – We reached an agreement with forgiveness on both sides, says Djordjic. After the big fight between Viaplay’s expert Bojan Djordjic and national team captain Janne Andersson after the international match between Sweden and Azerbaijan, they have now both spoken to each other. This is what the Swedish Football Association writes in a press release. The meeting took place at Viaplay’s office in Stockholm and they both sat alone for over an hour and spoke. – We had a good and warm talk and both feel complicity in the fact that it did not go well on Monday, says Janne Andersson. The national team captain said at a special press conference on Tuesday that he had tried without success to reach the expert commentator to apologize. Djordjic himself announced in a press release the same day that he “can forgive but not forget”. After Wednesday’s meeting, Bojan Djordjic says that what happened after the match has now been acted out. – It was a long, deep and nice conversation where we landed in a consensus with forgiveness on both sides, he says in the press release. – This meeting was more rewarding than I even thought beforehand, where football was actually what we talked about the least. Photo: Viaplay