LoL World Cup Worlds 2023 Champion T1 Became

LoL World Cup Worlds 2023 Champion T1 Became

Worlds 2023 has been completed with all its excitement, joys and sorrows. With the final match held today (Sunday, November 19), the questions of who will be the Worlds 2023 Champion were answered; The host country’s team T1 reached its happy ending. Held since 2011 T1, the most successful team in the LoL World Cup organizationreached a happy ending once again in Worlds 2023, which it hosted, and won its 4th championship in the organization. With this championship, LoL World Cup Worlds 2023 Champion T1 broke its bad luck in recent years and became the Worlds Champion for the first time after 2016.

LoL World Cup Worlds 2023 Champion T1 Became

The preliminary elimination stage (play-in) of Worlds 2023 started on Tuesday, October 10, and the main group stage (Swiss Stage) started with the matches on October 19. 16 teams competed in the main group stage, with the participation of 2 teams from the preliminary round. The tournament, where European and North American teams were literally swarming, was attended in a classic way in recent years. Far East teams made its mark.

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While 7 of the 8 teams that made it to the quarter-finals in the tournament were South Korean and Chinese teams, only North American representative NRG He managed to join these teams. While NRG did not have enough breath for more, the Chinese teams, which made their mark in the quarter-finals, captured 3 of the last 4.

T1, the only team other than the Chinese teams that managed to qualify for the semi-final stage, was able to escape and reach a happy ending. There is no doubt that; China’s 4th place Weibo Gaming’s big surprise, eliminating many strong teams at the end of the matches, also played an important role. Favorite in the final Overtaking Weibo Gaming for T1 It wasn’t difficult with good concentration: 3-0!

LoL World Cup Worlds 2023 Champion T1 Became

League of Legends World Cup Worlds 2023 Final Match Weibo Gaming 0 – 3 T1!

The League of Legends World Cup final match started today (Sunday, November 19) at 11 am Turkey time. The first match lasted 30 minutes and 31 seconds and the second match lasted 29 minutes and 57 seconds. 2-0 up in T1 series He knew how to pass. In the final match held in Bo5 format, the winner of 3 matches would win the cup.

Weibo Gaming, Even though he concentrated more on the third match of the series, which was a life-or-death match for him, he could not put a dent in his strong opponent. In the last match of the series, which lasted 25 minutes and 47 seconds, T1 was extremely concentrated and did not allow Weibo Gaming to add another surprise to the surprises it had made before by winning this match: 3-0!

Zeus was the MVP of the final!

After the final match between T1 and Weibo Gaming, which ended with a score of 3-0 in favor of T1, Zeus was chosen as the most valuable player of the final series. Zeus Choi Woo-je (Ball) He played a major role in his team reaching the cup with his near-perfect performance.

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4th Championship of both T1 and Faker!

He is one of the most successful players in the LoL World Cup organizations in the history of League of Legends. fakerWith this championship, he achieved an important success for himself. Reaching their 4th Worlds championship in total master name (Lee Sang-hyeok) It also holds a record that is difficult to break in this field.

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As we mentioned in the introduction of our content, As a club, T1 will win its 4th championship at Worlds 2023 He knew how to lie down. T1, which managed to become the champion in the tournament, won the prize money of 445 thousand dollars. Weibo Gaming, which lost the final and came in second, won 333 thousand 750 dollars.

Here is T1’s Champion Squad

T1’s Worlds 2023 Champion squad, consisting of talented names, consists of the following names:

  • Zeus “Choi Woo-je” (Ball)
  • Oner “Moon Hyeon-joon” (Jungle)
  • faker “Lee Sang-hyeok” (Mid)
  • Gumayusi “Lee Min-hyeong” (Bot)
  • keria “Ryu Min-seok” (Support)
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Host South Korea Didn’t Lose the Championship!

The home team’s victory in the League of Legends World Cup held in South Korea this year was also a source of great joy in the country. historically South Korea, which is also in great competition with China, This success has different meanings for the people of South Korea, apart from e-sports.

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Before the championship series The ceremony adds color to the tournament It was among the important moments. Both teams that made it to the finals appeared on stage and experienced moments of pride and happiness.