“LOL who laughs, comes out” season 4: where and when to watch the episodes?

LOL who laughs comes out season 4 where and when

The series “LOL qui rit, sorte”, presented by Philippe Lacheau, returns for a season 4. We take stock of the broadcast of the episodes and everything you need to know about this sequel.

Prime Video subscribers will be able to treat themselves to a good laugh this month of February. LOL: who laughs comes out returns to Amazon’s streaming platform for its fourth season. As a reminder, in this humorous show, around ten French personalities are locked in a room for six hours with one objective: not to laugh, at the risk of being eliminated. The objective is to be the last one still in the race to allow an association to win 150,000 euros.

In total, this fourth season of LOL: who laughs comes out is made up of six episodes, each lasting thirty minutes. But be careful, this is broadcast in two parts on the Amazon streaming platform. The first four episodes are put online this Friday, February 16, 2024. To discover the last two, and especially the name of the winner of this season 4, you will have to wait a week, until February 23, 2024.

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A cast of comedians and actors

In the casting of this fourth season, LOL: who laughs comes out brings together big names from cinema and the comedy scene. The actress Marina Foïs (As Bestas, Dad or Mom), comedian Jérôme Commandeur (Irreducible, Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde)comedian Alison Wheeler revealed in Quotidien, comedian Redouane Bougheraba, actor Jean-Pascal Zadi (In place, simply black), actor and director Franck Gastambide (Taxi 5, Pattaya), actress Audrey Lamy (All That Glitters, The Invisibles, Domestic Scenes), the comedian Anaïde Rozam, the comedian Alban Ivanov (Inseparable, School life, The meaning of celebration), and YouTubers Mcfly and Carlito are participating in this 2024 edition of the game, still presented by Philippe Lacheau (Babysitting, Alibi.com…).

A controversy a few months ago

This fourth season is released a few months after a controversy, launched by Blanche Gardin on April 20, 2023. The comedian and actress claimed on Facebook to have been contacted by Amazon to participate in the show but to have refused, affirming that the participants are themselves paid: “I would be embarrassed to the core (not to say it would really hurt my ass) to be paid 200,000 euros for a day’s work even if I lose at your game, when the charity of my choice would win 50,000 euros, that is to say four times less, and even then, only if I win.

In a press release published a few days later, Amazon responded by judging that Blanche Gardin’s message would contain “false and inaccurate comments”, responding in particular to the accusations made by the comedian on his profits, the fact that the company ” does not pay its taxes in France” and that it “destroys small business jobs and all the social life that goes with it”, and “uses the workforce of Uyghur concentration camps”.

Since then, the rules have changed LOL: who laughs comes out, since the winner of season 4 will allow his association to win 150,000 euros. The losing associations also win a sum of money. However, we do not know if the participants in this fourth season are paid 200,000 euros or if the salary has been reduced. In any case, this controversy will be raised in this fourth season, as reported Leisure TV.