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The end of Season 12 is looming in League of Legends and many players are using the time to improve their rankings. But there are more and more bots that are on your team or on the opposing team be able.

Where do you find bots in League? Bots are an integral part of League of Legends to help new players get started. You can find them under the Co-op vs AI tab, where the bots are categorized into different difficulty levels.

  • Intro: This is the first choice for new players, where the basics of the game are explained
  • Beginner: Here you play in Summoner’s Rift with 4 other players against a 5-player team that consists only of bots. These know the basics of LoL and are a good start to play against real opponents.
  • Advanced: This is the mode where you play against stronger bots. These bots use their summoner spells and are a real challenge for new players.
  • For years you have found bots in normal games from time to time. You hear about them all the time, but you’ve rarely really met them. But what does it mean?

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    Promotion to the higher division is imminent

    The end of Season 12 is in sight: The ranking list places are not yet final. Once you have played the placement games, you will be placed in a division in the leaderboard. There is also a reward for that. The higher your rank, the higher the rewards.

    In the ranked games, a player can always seem conspicuous to you. Because of his monotonous way of playing, because he doesn’t play with the team or just runs around the map without having a goal in mind.

    Such players are afterwards told that they “play like bots”. But recently, bots, i.e. AI, have been seen more and more often in ranked games. This mainly occurs when playing in a low division.

    How to recognize bot accounts? How you recognize a bot is not entirely clear in advance. Here are three criteria to look out for if you’re worried about having a bot on your team and are playing in a lower division (Bronze or Iron). These are not tips that are 100% correct, but they can be helpful as an indication.

    You can look out for the following behaviors

  • Does the player play as a support?
  • Is the player only winning about 30% of their ranked games?
  • Does the player not ban a champion in the selection?
  • The user “Parogarr” writes on reddit: “There is a small chance that it is a real person who is hiding behind the summoner. But you are far better off leaving the game and losing the 3 points than teaming up with a bot and losing even more.”

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    What are the bots even doing? The bots are there to train new accounts. They are used in games to allow the account to level up and participate in ranked games. They may then be sold or used for other purposes.

    They come into your game and follow the ADC. While the ADC then defeats the minions in lane or plays against the opponents, the bot wanders back and forth nearby. In between, they also use items or use their abilities so the game doesn’t see them as AFK and kick them out of the game.

    There are several champions that are more commonly seen as bots. The most common champion is Yuumi. The fact that the champion doesn’t have to do much once he’s on your shoulder also makes it a little harder to figure out.

    Here is a video of how a bot account is analyzed:

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    Bot Players Preventing You From Winning – How To Spot Them And What To Do

    What is Riot Games doing about it? Riot Games has other games besides League of Legends. Valorant features Riot’s anti-cheat tool Vanguard itself. This has led to absurd situations for some players, such as being kicked out of the game as soon as you just plug in your phone.

    Such software was not intended for LoL. Vanguard has been around for years and the software is not a requirement to gamble. It remains to be seen whether this will happen in the future, or whether Riot Games will do anything against cheaters.

    Have you ever had a bot in your team and what was your experience with it? Tell us in the comments.

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