Loïc and Alix “eliminated”, the tops and flops of episode 12

Loic and Alix eliminated the tops and flops of episode

KOH LANTA 2021. As the final approaches, two candidates were exiled this week in Koh Lanta: The Legend. Read our summary and our tops and flops of episode 12 of Koh Lanta 2021.

[Mis à jour le 23 novembre 2021 à 23h34] ABSTRACTAfter a week of break, Koh Lanta: The Legend once again offered us an episode without real elimination. Indeed, there was no test on the island of the banished this week in Koh Lanta 2021. However, two exiles took place in the main adventure. First of all during an eliminatory comfort test where the candidates, after freeing themselves from a rope in an obstacle course, had to balance three balls on a board. In this little game, Claude is doing the best and thus wins his twenty-first solo event. Loïc, meanwhile, burst into tears when he learned that his last place earned him immediate elimination. After the many tributes of his companions in adventure, the young finalist candidate of Koh Lanta the four lands discovers that he has a new chance thanks to the island of the banished where he joins Christelle.

After the elimination of Loïc, his friend Sam seems a little lost but he takes advantage of the departure of Claude and Laurent (gone to take advantage of their joint comfort reward) to take a little more space on the camp and finally assert themselves more concretely as an adventurer in his own right and not in the shadow of his mentors. Meanwhile, Claude and Laurent revel in a reward that bears his name well. Between shower, massage, comfortable night and superb meals, the two friends benefit! They also have the opportunity to review their strategy in this Koh Lanta season: obtain immunity for the next event to better eliminate Ugo who visibly scares them for the rest of the adventure and especially the final victory. .

During the immunity test of this episode of Koh Lanta, the famous balancing act, Alix and Phil completely miss but Laurent faces Ugo in the final. Bitter, the duel ends with a sprint between the two opponents but it is ultimately Ugo who wins the totem pole for the third time in a row. Since reunification, Ugo has been immune to every Elimination Council! A series that he will have to continue if he does not want to be eliminated before the orienteering race because Laurent and Claude clearly have them in their sights. After short negotiations, the men decide to divide their votes between Jade and Alix and, while Claude and Laurent reveal their two necklaces of immunity, it is Alix who ends up leaving the main adventure with 5 votes against him ( Jade and Sam respectively had 2 and 1 votes against them). Alix therefore joins the island of the banished and will have to make her way between Christelle and Loïc to continue to hope to return during the orientation.

Ugo : Since reunification, Ugo does not let anyone worry him at the councils since he is immune every week! In episode 12, Ugo won his third straight immunity event and thus allows himself to hope to reach the final. But beware, his career is still strewn with pitfalls because Claude and Laurent consider him an opponent to be defeated to preserve their chances of final victory.

Claude : This week Claude claimed his 21st solo victory in Koh Lanta. Objective held for the record holder of individual victories in the TF1 program. He also takes the opportunity to enjoy a good level of comfort with his friend Laurent. Anything but worried at the council, he plays his immunity collar only valid in Episode 12 and continues to aim for the finale.

sat : After twelve episodes in Koh Lanta: The Legend, Sam seems to finally open up to other adventurers. Perhaps Laurent and Claude will have had to move away from the camp a bit for him to allow himself to fully experience his adventure. No more shy adventurer who only imagined himself in the shadow of other candidates more experienced than him!

Alix : It will have held 29 days in Koh Lanta: The Legend which, considering that it has been targeted since the beginning of the show, is a real feat. Alix is ​​the last survivor of the season

Loïc : He failed a few days before the grand finale of Koh Lanta in a test of comfort from the start of the show or almost. If he can still get out of the island of the banished, the finalist of the 4 Lands did not hide his disappointment at this failure. And seeing Loïc eliminated in this way will have torn the hearts of a good part of the fans. His sidelining was still one of the highlights of this episode with a new moment of emotion in the evocation of Bertrand Kamal.

Who are the candidates of Koh Lanta All Stars?

  • Clémence Castel, winner of Koh Lanta season 5 (2005) and of the Fight of the heroes (2018)
  • Coumba Baradj, Koh Lanta season 5 (2005), Shock of the heroes in 2010 and Revenge of the heroes (2012)
  • Jade Handi, winner Koh Lanta season 7 (2007), Koh Lanta The Return of the Heroes (2009)
  • Christelle Gauzet, winner of Koh Lanta season 8 (2008)
  • Karima Najjarine, Koh Lanta season 15 (2016)
  • Clémentine Jullien, finalist of Koh Lanta season 17 (2017), The Fight of the heroes (2018)
  • Cindy Poumeyrol, finalist of Koh Lanta season 20 (2019)
  • Alexandra Pornet, winner of Koh Lanta, The 4 lands (2020)
  • Alix Noblat, Koh Lanta season 21 (2020)
  • Patrick Merle, finalist of Koh Lanta season 9 (2009), Koh Lanta: Revenge of the heroes (2012)
  • Freddy Boucher, Koh Lanta season 9 (2009), finalist of the Clash of heroes (2010), The Heroes’ Revenge in 2012, The New Edition in 2014
  • Claude Dartois, finalist of Koh Lanta season 10 (2010) and of The Heroes’ Revenge (2012), The Island of Heroes (2020).
  • Laurent Maistret, Koh Lanta season 11 (2011), winner of Koh Lanta: The new edition (2014)
  • Teheiura Teahui, finalist of Koh Lanta season 11 (2011), The Heroes’ Revenge (2012), The New Edition (2014), The Island of Heroes (2020)
  • Ugo Lartiche, winner of Koh Lanta season 12 (2012)
  • Philippe Bizet, Koh Lanta season 12 (2012), The New Edition (2014)
  • Namadia, Koh Lanta season 12 (2012)
  • Maxime Berthon, Koh Lanta season 20 (2019)
  • Sam Haliti, Koh Lanta: Island of Heroes (2020)
  • Candice Boisson, Koh Lanta Treasure Island (2016) and Koh Lanta: The Heroes’ Fight (2018)
  • Sandro Gonzalez Schenan, Loïc Riowal and Béatrice Kaboré are reservists.

Who won Koh Lanta’s last season?

Broadcast on June 4, 2021, the Koh Lanta final: secret weapons decided between the three candidates still on the track to win the € 100,000 promised to the winner. Qualified during the orienteering event, Jonathan, Maxine and Lucie were opposed on the mythical posts of Koh Lanta. Maxine, who came first on the posts, chose to fish Lucie, who came second. The duo faced the final jury composed of Frédéric, Hervé, Mathieu, Shanice, Myriam, Vincent, Laëtitia, Thomas, Magali, Flavio, Arnaud, Laure and finally Jonathan, eliminated after the posts. With 9 votes in her favor, Maxine won and was crowned winner of Koh Lanta 2021.

Koh Lanta program sheet

Koh Lanta is an adventure game broadcast since 2001 on TF1. It was presented by Hubert Auriol for the first season. Since 2002, it is Denis Brogniart who is responsible for the animation of the program. Several adventurers try to survive on a desert island until the final. In this survival and strategy entertainment, several events punctuate each episode, and one candidate is eliminated by the other participants, until only five remain. The latter then decide on two emblematic events: orientation and posts, before the final vote. Since its inception, the game has seen many rule changes.

Koh Lanta broadcast and replay

Koh Lanta is a TF1 program broadcast twice each year on the first channel: a first season is broadcast in spring, a second at the end of summer. Each episode is broadcast on Friday evening, and available on television but also live on the MyTF1 site via tablet, computer or smartphone. The show is available in replay the next day on the MyTF1 site for a period of 7 days. Note that the replays are put online on the Salto platform for an indefinite period, which allows the most determined fans to see or review the entire season.